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I switched the blog over to https…why?

Published April 19, 2017   Tags: , ,

Okay, hear me out. Just a couple months after pontificating about how little https matters to blogs, I went ahead and switched my blog over to https anyway. Why would I do such a thing? First, let me reiterate my position that I continue to stand by: If all you’re doing is blogging, there is […]

Find that blogging voice of yours!

Published February 27, 2017   Tags:

In my recent rant about having children, I mentioned that I have “found my voice” on the blog. By that, I mean that I’m no longer concerned about whether people agree with what I have to say or not. That’s right – I just don’t care. One of my readers sent me a message on […]

The truth about SSL and SEO

Published February 6, 2017  

Ever since Google announced that SSL-enabled web sites may see a small boost in search result rankings, the blogging community has gelled over getting their web sites “secure”. In the midst of the raucous, misinformation about SSL and the true impact it has to blogs floods the discourse. Here’s the truth. Several years ago, Google began to experiment with […]

Blog showcase: The young and the restless!

Published December 19, 2016  

Hey guys, it’s blog showcase time! This is my opportunity to spread the love a little bit around this wonderful personal finance blogosphere and talk about some of the newer blogs run by some seriously motivated bloggers. The bloggers might not be young, but the blogs are! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks casing […]

Master your blog’s SEO by understanding Google

Published July 27, 2016   Tags:

The first time this blog ranked #1 on a Google search, it was like Christmas morning. I just opened up the gift of blog traffic, and that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. Strangely, it was not my intent for that post to rank so highly in Google. It was purely an […]

My #1 tip for blog writing on the web

Published July 13, 2016   Tags:

I am far from a perfect writer, but over the years I have learned a thing or two about writing for an online audience, and virtually every technique a good blog writer follows adheres to a very simple, yet profoundly meaningful, truth. Remember: We have the attention spans of goldfish. Actually, our attention spans are […]
I’ll admit it – I’ve never had a blog as popular and well-read as this one. But then again, I’ve also never cared as much about a blog as I do this one. Over the course of two years, this blog’s traffic has increased dramatically. Building a blog takes time. It’s not necessarily difficult work, […]

Making sense of Google analytics for bloggers

Published March 23, 2016   Tags:

One of the awesome parts about blogging is building up a community from scratch, watching your website hits grow along with your influence and reputation. Unfortunately, analytics can be confusing to a lot of people – what numbers should you care the most about? Which numbers truly matter to me? Taking a break from talking […]
Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of blogging (and writing in general) is the dreaded “writer’s block”, which is a term that describes a motivated writer who is having trouble finding a topic to write about or otherwise struggling to proceed with their current writing assignment. Truthfully, it’s a pain in the ass. But, there are useful […]
Affiliate links can be long and difficult to manage, especially if they are prone to changing over the course of time. In this video screencast, I will demonstrate how I use WordPress and a simple plugin to help manage my links. But first, why bother hiding affiliate links? First and foremost, affiliate links can contain […]