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Yo gang! I have another guest post from Brian G from Get Money, Got Money, this time about a summer job living out of a tent that put things into perspective. Love the story and I think you will too. “Wake up man! Brian, wake up!” “Huh, what’s going on?” “Get your ass out of your […]

How much is a Twitter follow worth?

Published June 10, 2017  

Happy weekend, all! So, how much is a Twitter follow worth? Ever wonder how much the average sponsored Tweet costs? I’ve got a guest post today from Brian Groener from Get Money, Got Money for all you money-lovers out there. Just over a decade ago, a kid named Mark dropped out of Harvard and developed […]
Remember that post I wrote that poo-poo’ed credit scores? Here’s another take from a professional financial advisor who shares some insight that you may not have read before. Brian, the floor is yours! Before we get into the good stuff, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: your reputation. We don’t mean ‘you’ as […]

Why we sold our souls for A mortgage

Published April 12, 2017   Tags:

Those damn mortgages. They are often the largest debts we ever incur. My mortgage had a devastating affect on my financial situation at the time, and I know that I’m not alone. Today, I bring to you a post from Mrs. Picky Pincher who tells us why they sold their souls. There I was, covered […]
Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today, I bring you a guest post from a newer blogger in the Personal Finance blogosphere, Cody from Dollar Habits. He and I have something in common – we both hate the idea of working until 65. Cody, take it away! Limited Exposure to Early Retirement Growing up, I didn’t have […]
Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’ve made it no secret that I hate mortgages – both having them AND paying them off. But once they are gone, the potential to build some serious net worth skyrockets. Today, I bring you a guest post by Rob from Mustard Seed Money on the ups and downs of wiping his […]

So you want to be a flight attendant?

Published January 23, 2017   Tags: ,

Happy Monday all! I’m thrilled to bring you a guest post from the one and only Miss Mazuma! She is definitely a rising star in the personal finance community, and I’m honored to publish her very first guest post. You like to travel? How about as a JOB? Read on! Hey all!  When Steve asked […]
Hey everyone! We are going to kick things off this year with a guest post from my man over at the Millennial Money Man blog about his transition from a band director to blogger – or, as he calls it, “online entrepreneur”. Take it away, Bobby! I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting lately. At […]
Good day, beautiful people! Today, I’m coming at you with a guest post, this time from Matt from These guys travel the country in a van and have totally mastered the definition of minimalism. Today, Matt recalls why they chose a minivan to call their traveling home. Thanks for inviting us, Steve. We’re huge fans […]

Achieving your Permanent Paradise

Published July 16, 2015   Tags: ,

Hey kids, it’s guest post time!  As many of you know, Courtney and I are in Glacier National Park enjoying one of our nation’s most beautiful areas, and I am quite pleased to have Chris from holding down the fort while we’re gone with a guest post about figuring out your permanent paradise and turning it into […]