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Financially speaking, there’s a whole lot of goodness that has gone down in our household over the past year.  I mean, seriously life-altering shit that prepared my wife and me to achieve financial independence and retire before I reached the age of 40 36 35. Things are happening quickly for us and I think that […]

The best advice I can give about retiring early

Published January 25, 2017  

Back in September of 2016, Brandon (aka: Mad Fientist) wrote an article for Business Insider about seven pieces of financial advice about retiring early from a guy who retired at 34. The article contained incredible wisdom. Oh, and damn you, Brandon, for beating me to early retirement by a year. 🙂 In the article, Brandon argues […]

My name is Steve, and I just retired at the age of 35

Published December 23, 2016   Tags:

It’s pretty damn surreal right now. I am done with full-time work. Like, “done” done. Unless something absolutely catastrophic happens, I will never set foot in an office again as a member of their full-time work staff. That’s it. I’m free. Best damn Christmas gift ever. I am free to pursue everything that I’ve always […]
When I told my boss that I am quitting in December to travel, his first question was: “Is this permanent?” His question lead us neatly into a short discussion of taking a sabbatical instead of quitting outright. Perhaps a sane person would have accepted the sabbatical. I, however, did not.  🙂 At most companies, a […]

Snowball of Early Retirement

Published October 12, 2016  

The Snowball of Early Retirement – it is a remarkable concept that strikes deep at the heart of how people achieve financial independence and early retirement. It’s a phenomenon that makes ER easy and no assembly required. Just add momentum. I stumbled on this phrase quite by accident writing a blog comment. The comment was […]

State of Our Retirement: Three months out!

Published September 28, 2016  

The train continues to chug along, pushing forward through a familiar landscape. I can see the faint outline of our destination, finally. It’s there, albeit small. I glance down and slowly follow the narrowing direction of the tracks with my eyes as it leads straight into the City of Retirement. In my first installment of […]

How lean startup can improve early retirement

Published September 7, 2016  

Lean startup. Those of us involved with small businesses may be aware of a set of new-age principles that distill business ownership down to its most basic foundation. And with a little thought, we early retirees can apply these same principles to maximise our desire to quit the rat race. The Lean Startup method is a […]
What if I told you that my wife and I are planning to retire early at the end of the year, and we won’t have a million saved? Well, that’s the deal. We aren’t waiting around for a million before we call it quits, and there’s a good reason for that…three, in fact. There’s no […]
The closer I get to early retirement, the tougher it becomes to wait for it. Virtually every day, I am conscious of the fact that I’m still “going to work”, even though I am close to the end. I am still working, checking email, writing reports, answering phone calls. It’s still happening. I know the end […]
The day, as most of them tend to do, started like any other day. I made my way through my well-oiled routine without a squeak – wake up, grab a shower, make some coffee and sit down to check out what is in store for me at work. So far, everything’s cool – until our […]