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You’re 40 and broke; now what?

Published August 10, 2017   Tags: , ,

Let’s say you’re 40, wake up one more and suddenly realize that you’re practically broke. Hardly any savings. Your career seems never-ending. How can you turn things around and begin rapid wealth accumulation so you aren’t working until the day you die? Brian Loman is here to push you in the right direction. Brian, take […]
Though I have written in some detail about our desire to downsize (minimize) our possessions, my goal is not to become a minimalist. In fact, I do not believe that the concept of minimalism is all that helpful in our path towards financial independence and early retirement. “Minimalism” to me is a negative term. Nobody […]

10 simple steps to invest in a Roth IRA

Published February 8, 2017   Tags: , ,

Hey you investment loving number-crunchers! I’ve got a guest post today from Andy Hill who runs the Marriage, Kids and Money podcast. Sweet program that’s both clean and fun. And best of all, I was on it! Anyway, today Andy is talking Roth IRAs. Give it up! The magical Roth IRA … You’ve heard that […]

The only two reasons to go into debt – ever!

Published October 31, 2016   Tags:

I feel like I’m going all “Dave Ramsey” on you people, but debts are serious business. Debts put us into a position of weakness by owing money that we currently do not have. While there are legit reasons to take on debt, the majority of Americans accept these financial weaknesses too freely. Debts are big […]
Gifted. It is a term I always hated in school because it labels certain kids “smart” and others, well…If you weren’t in the gifted program, you were just “average”, learning the best you can alongside the rest of those lemmings. I was never in the gifted program. I was a B-student with the occasional C sprinkled in […]
Imagine the money that you would be able to save without the burdens of a traditional home, utilities and other necessities of living like a home dweller. Believe it or not, people choose homelessness to save incredible amounts of money, and here is how I would do it if I ever become crazy enough to try. […]

Why I may never own a home again

Published April 11, 2016   Tags:

I thought it was the American Dream. Owning a home. In the U.S., this supposedly represents some form of “success”…a badge of honor. It’s your stamp of approval that you truly have “made it” in life. Equally damaging, there also seems to be a stigma with renting. If you’re successful enough, you own. If you […]
Impulse buys – they are one of the amazingly tricky types of buying that exist for most people. It’s tricky because, as its name implies, these are emotional purchases. We see. We want. We buy. Even if it wasn’t on our shopping list. Even if we’re a money saving expert. Okay, here’s a case in […]

Why most people will never get rich

Published February 10, 2016   Tags: , ,

I think a lot when I’m pulling weeds, and I got a lot of thinking done over the past few days. This week, I spent several hours pulling those small green devil stalks in our backyard, and I got to thinking about a subject that I’ve pondered off and on for YEARS – why won’t most people […]
In the beginning of 2015, things were humming along normally. The market was doing well, just like it had been since 2012. We were enjoying solid monthly increases to our net worth on the order of $15k to $30k some months. We were set to retire by the end of 2016, thinking that we’d have more […]