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The awesomeness of not being important

Published June 28, 2017   Tags: , ,

You know how awesome it is to not be important?  To be that guy who comes into work every day, does his job and goes home?  The guy who never volunteers for additional work, never has his nose up the ass of his superiors, the guy who couldn’t seem to care any less about the next […]
If you like to learn (and since you’re reading this blog, the answer is definitely “YES”), then grade school was where it was at.  It seems like with the passing of each grade, us studious young human beings took the knowledge and experience acquired over the past year and used it to shape the next. We grew, […]
What if I have no plans to retire early? Is financial independence all that important then? In fact, why should I give a damn about this whole FI thing if I love my job and am perfectly okay working into my 60s doing something that brings a smile to my face? Because some day, your job […]
Last week, I wrote about bullshit money advice. I recalled some of the nastiest money advice I have ever heard, and it was one of the easiest articles I’ve ever written. Bad money advice is everywhere. It permeates our culture. Permeates is a big word, so it must be true. Then, I asked the good […]

Lyndon Johnson’s 10 keys to success

Published May 8, 2017   Tags: ,

Success is a fickle thing. It comes easier to some than for others, but it’s almost never impossible to achieve. With the right attitude and a few good habits, success gets easier and easier. Apparently, former president Lyndon Johnson had something to say on the topic. I learned about Johnson’s 10 keys to success from the […]

It is okay to be selfish

Published April 10, 2017   Tags:

I’ll say it: Selfishness is good. It means we put ourselves above everyone else. We focus on what is best for us before we think about those around us. Although I may sound like a jackass, prioritizing ourselves over others is good. It’s natural. It’s how we improve. I would not be retired right now […]
Okay world, you’re pretty damn amazing. We go driving around in search of some cool scenes, and now you give us some of the most amazing landscapes that I’ve ever seen to feast our eyes on. What more can I say? In fact, I don’t say. Instead, I’ll show. It was a cloudy day today […]

Our net worth revealed

Published April 1, 2017   Tags:

It’s been a long time since I published our net worth on the blog, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve been keeping it private. In fact, it’s been published on the Rockstar Net Worth Tracker all along. But today – the day that we set sail, I’m spillin’ the beans right here. True to form, […]

I retired early, but I’m no expert

Published March 29, 2017   Tags: ,

It is interesting how many of us consider ourselves “experts” after we accomplish something. Even in the ER community, I stumble across bloggers who retire early, then turn around and offer coaching services because they are, in theory, “experts” at early retirement. Why? Because they’ve done it, I suppose. First, allow me to say in no […]
As we wind down our working careers and slide naked into our next life of full-time travel in an RV, figuring out our healthcare options was the major remaining task on our plates. After months of research, we’ve decided on healthcare. Without making you read a bunch of text before spilling the beans, here goes: We […]