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Audio introduction For the moment, Target is home to one of the most profoundly good deals in our economy.  Target’s no-annual-fee Prepaid Redcard lets customers load funds onto what they call their “Redcard”, which is used just like a regular credit card and is accepted anywhere that American Express is. Note: Several sites (like this […]

The Friday Feast ~ 20th February

Published February 20, 2015  

I love learning. Always have. So when I find a blog or writer that interests me I devour everything I can find. Every day I move countless amazing articles from an array of  frugal, simple living, FI-minded writers into my Amazing Reads folder to be read at my leisure. These articles inspire me and the […]
My wife and I have a looming trip to one of our favorite cities, San Francisco, to celebrate the birthday of a friend of ours.  But, there is no getting around the fact that San Francisco is not the cheapest place to tootle around in, and our friends of ours are definitely not on the […]
How many of you out there have ever said “Man, I’m excited for this weekend because…”?  Or, maybe yours went something like “I can’t wait for our vacation to Hawaii…it’s gonna be hella-awesome!”. Whatever awkward phrases that you use to describe what you’re excited about, it’s always nice looking forward to something.  It puts a […]
Unless you are new here, you probably know that my goal is to officially retire by 40 and spend the rest of my life enjoying jobless bliss and never-ending happiness.  We’re doing this with big-time savings and living frugally in Tucson, Arizona – one of the most inexpensive places to live in the United States. […]
Wow. 2014. What an amazingly hectic, surprising, up-lifting, life-changing year.  You’ve already seen my husband’s reflections on the past year, so I thought I would share my take as well. 2014 will definitely go down in my personal history as the year that changed EVERYTHING.
Yesterday, I wrote about my yearly ritual of reflecting on what I did right, what I could have done better, and what truly made me happy over the past year.  2014 has been one hell of a year, and my happiness level has never been higher.  I’m happy.  I’m healthy.  I am on the path […]
New Years resolutions are overrated.  Every year, we Americans resolve to do many things, like lose weight, get that job promotion, quit smoking or save more money.  We constantly look towards the future and the new things that we want to do, forgetting to reflect on what worked for us (and what didn’t) in our past.
I admit it – I spent the majority of my early working life looking for the next big promotion.  Everybody wants to be the boss, and I drove into work each and every day with a big smile on my face, making a conscious effort to say the right things around the right people, to better […]
Though I generally believe driving to be a miserable way to spend my time, I nonetheless drive when life calls: to the gym or grocery store, up to my in-laws’ house for holidays and other occasions and, every now and again, to my client’s fortress (also known as their “office”) nearly 1.5 hours away.  During […]