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Our Airstream now has full solar power!

Published December 5, 2016  

Our Airstream is flat out electric, literally. Without even plugging in. Our little 200 square foot home on wheels now possesses the ability to generate its own power and live entirely off grid. Over the Thanksgiving break, my wife and I drove Charlie nearly 3,000 miles up to Oregon and back from our home base […]
Good day, beautiful people! Today, I’m coming at you with a guest post, this time from Matt from These guys travel the country in a van and have totally mastered the definition of minimalism. Today, Matt recalls why they chose a minivan to call their traveling home. Thanks for inviting us, Steve. We’re huge fans […]
Happy freaking Thanksgiving, folks! Hope your day is filled with lots of delicious eats, some football and even a family member or two that you can actually stand to be around.  🙂 The wife and I are getting something done to Charlie that will enable us to camp pretty much anywhere we want once we […]
Here’s an interesting question: If you live a frugal life, is your life harder than the life of someone who spends a great deal more money than you? Or, is it easier? And: If you’re frugal because you have to be, rather than because you choose to be, does that change the scenario? To this […]

The work experience: Moving on to sales and beyond

Published November 9, 2016   Tags:

In part one of the Work Experience, I talked about my first job. I was 15 and wanted extra cash, and I was willing to do just about anything. And honestly, I HAD to do just about anything; 15 year olds don’t have marketable skills. At least I didn’t. I spent the majority of my […]
When you’re working full-time and bringing in $100,000 a year, a $100-spot probably doesn’t seem like all that much. Heck, it doesn’t even represent 1% of your income. You can easily drop $100 on a nice dinner these days. Or a new pair of kicks. Us “professionals” spend $100 like it’s going out of style. […]
It does not make a lick of difference who wins the presidential elections in 2016. The president is largely inconsequential in our lives; don’t get roped into a corrupt political process that thrives on emotional dialog and empty promises. By the way, this is about as political as I will ever get here on the […]
It’s guest post Monday! Side Hustle veteran Claudia from the blog is dropping by today to give us three lessons to know before considering your next (or first!) side hustle. Do you have a side hustle? Are you thinking about starting a side hustle?  I imagine you’re reading this post because either you’re considering […]
I need to level with you, kids. The large majority of the stuff that you learn in K-12 will never apply to your life. You won’t need it. It’s rubbish. There, I said it. Heck, the reason why I’ve “never been much of a reader” was due to school. In school, we read uninteresting, sleep-inducing […]
Cell phones are quickly becoming the bane of our existence. They consume us. We feel lost without them. God forbid that something happens to them. Admit it, we tend to feel that when our phone breaks, a part of US breaks along with it. Just for giggles, I conducted an experiment driving home from the gym […]