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Trust me when I tell you that six-figure jobs aren’t always what they are cracked up to be. I had one and quickly demoted myself. So did the blogger that I’m about to feature in today’s post – only, this blogger wishes to remain anonymous. So, no links back to their blog. And without further […]
Epic downsize: My wife and I met a fellow camper the other night who left his Atlanta condo, bought an inexpensive travel trailer, and hit the road out to Tucson, AZ to enjoy the warm weather and outdoor space. It was an amazing lifestyle change. On our way to the pool one evening with towels […]
A lot of us might choose a warm and tropic destination to enjoy a vacation or trip, but I had the opportunity to talk with an incredible woman named Chelsea who had a very different vacation spot in mind. Think south. Very south. Like, Antarctica. She is a free spirit. Then again, she also loves to plan […]
I love stories about people who successfully escaped their comfort zones by making powerful decisions to improve their lives – even if those decisions may not conform to the society-approved way of life. Claudia and her husband Garrett did just that, and I recently had the opportunity to quiz Claudia, who blogs over at, and her […]
There is a popular saying among dedicated hikers: “A bad day on the trail is better than a good day in the office.” And for a guy named Joe Jimenez, somewhere along the Appalachian Trail, that quote became a way of life. This is the story of a guy who’s grim employment prospects coming out […]