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Michelle from Making Sense of Cents lives in an RV, just like us. It’s an awesome lifestyle, but there are certain things about this lifestyle that may not appear so obvious. Today, Michelle takes some time to lay out some interesting topics they don’t tell you about living on the road. In July of 2015, me […]
Happy weekend everyone! I come to you with a guest post about one of our favorite things to do in life – travel. But not just travel…travel on the cheap! For example, my wife and I flew up to Glacier National Park last year for $11.20 each by using credit card points and bonus offers. We […]

Guest post: 4 ways to decrease your tax burden

Published February 27, 2016   Tags: ,

Happy weekend everyone! I come to you with a guest post about our favorite subject in the world to talk about. That’s right, taxes! As insanely complex as our tax system is, knowing as much as you can about how it all works is the key to minimizing overpaying for your tax burden. In general, the […]

Guest post: 5 money habits of the epically frugal

Published February 20, 2016   Tags: ,

Happy weekend! I am writing more and more for the blog and my latest contribution talks about the 5 habits of the epically frugal. Check out the habits of true money masters. As far as I’m concerned, there are three types of people in this world. There are those who overspend like crazy. Others […]
Hey everyone! I come to you once again with another guest post, this time on a newer financial blog over at Today, I am writing about credit cards and how to take full advantage of them and all of their benefits. For example, did you know that credit cards offer benefits like rental car […]
Happy Thursday everyone! I have a treat for you fine people! Today I come to you with a guest post I wrote for the wonderful Money Mozart blog about how to write your retirement letter, a process that may seem easy and straightforward but, in reality, takes some serious guts to pull off. For example, do […]
I admit it – I have always hated articles that feature a 30-something who successfully retired in his or her 30s and is living the life of their dreams (and most likely traveling across the world), happy as a freaking clam. Before I decided to retire early, those articles never inspired me to make a […]

The art of staying positive

Published March 6, 2015   Tags: ,

Even Steven is in warm, sunny Miami Florida for a while, so I took the opportunity to write a guest post for his blog,, that talks about keeping a positive attitude about life and using the placebo effect to take your future by the horns and completely kick ass in virtually every facet of […]