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How smart does one need to be to retire early?

Published December 10, 2014   Posted in Having some fun

Life is pretty damn sweet right now.  While writing this blog post, I am spending a quiet Wednesday afternoon on our back patio enjoying the beautiful 75 degree air on this most perfect of fall days in southern Arizona.  The sky is clear, winds calm and the mountains to our north are about as beautiful as […]
Opinions are like assholes – everybody has one.  That adage may be a bit rough, but it is tough to argue with – even if those opinions are disguised as so-called “financial advice”.  Opinions are everywhere and always will be.  People have opinions about everything – sports, politics, finances, you name it.

Think positive and the rest tends to follow

Published November 22, 2014   Posted in How to Think

My dad taught me a fascinating lesson when growing up.  It was a lesson about your outlook on life and how, as if by magic, one can control his or her outcome simply by expecting it.  How arrogant, I thought as a child.  How can anyone control their own “luck”?  Harnessing the power of your […]
The 80s was a truly magical decade for music.  Rock stars that we still hear on the radio today made it big, and some of the most recognizable song lyrics were popularized.  Bon Jovi was no exception, and “Living on a Prayer” has far too many unfortunate links to people’s financial situation in America these […]