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How to Retire

Our Next Life series: Part 1 - Quitting!

Welcome to the first exciting installment of the 4-part article series "Our Next Life". In many ways, I was on top of the world. Nothing could touch me. Move out of the way, world, because I'm coming through.
Sep 4, 2015·6 min read
How to Retire

Your job vs. your work: Retirement police, listen up!

Retirement police. To some, you can't be retired if you're making money by doing work. Doing work, after all, is what people do "for a living", and therefore, if you do work post-retirement, you're not actually retired. You're still making a living!
Aug 26, 2015·5 min read
How to Think

Jobs are funny things, and so is quitting!

Throughout my career, I've worked for a variety of jobs. Fresh out of college as an eager young lad, I started in a huge 70,000+ person multi-national corporation. I then worked for a small, 30-ish person startup before quitting and joining a not-for-profit organization in the healthcare industry. And today, I work for a startup-turned-big-boy-company who considers itself a prestigious place to work, hiring only the "best of the best".
Aug 17, 2015·5 min read
How to Think

Working sucks: I don't want a career, and here's why

Ever since my wife and I decided on a plan to retire early, our pursuits have become significantly more short term. 30-year goals? Ha!
Aug 10, 2015·6 min read
How to Think

What has the American Dream become?

The reality of living in the United States of America is actually quite encouraging. The very large majority of us have plenty of opportunities to succeed and build the life that we want. Some of us take those opportunities and make the best of them. Others don't. The impact can be amazingly severe, but the impact of our decisions does not kill off the American Dream.
Jun 22, 2015·4 min read
How to Think

Question time: Do you want respect or pay?

Picture yourself in this scenario: You are at work sitting around a conference table with the CEO (or some other high level manager) and a few of your coworkers. You are discussing something that will literally make or break the company. Make the right decision and your company flourishes. Make the wrong one and, well, you might be passing around your resume.
May 6, 2015·2 min read
Financial independence

A Yahoo report on finances that actually makes sense?

You won't believe what I found online today - it was a Yahoo Finance story about a Yahoo columnist and author who believes that useless increases in the cost of the so-called "American Dream" are sending middle class Americans deeper and deeper into debt. The miraculous element of this story is what the author claims is the cause of this phenomenon: their own spending.
Feb 8, 2015·3 min read

What I look for in an early retirement blog

It seems these days, so-called "early retirement" blogs are a dime a dozen. So many blogs out there, so little time to digest them all. But quite honestly, some aren't worth the effort to digest because their main purpose is to make money.
Jan 8, 2015·3 min read