10 Things You Can Do Today (or any workday) to Save Money Now!

5 thoughts on “10 Things You Can Do Today (or any workday) to Save Money Now!”

  1. Wow, seems like I’m following most of your list except #4. I eat breakfast at home and eat dinner at home (most nights, work permitting) but I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet of bringing lunch to work. I know it would save me money in NYC, but I’d rather spend the money and get a nice hero from a deli. I know this is costing me money but I’m okay with it being one of my very few “splurges”. Also my commute only consists of walking so that frees up some funds 🙂

    For Christmas (my aunts still give me gifts) I ask for Starbucks cards. So then I have funds to go down to Starbucks once a week or so for my afternoon cup of Joe (much better than the crappy Flavia machine in my office).

  2. Oh Courtney, be still my beating heart – I too am a thermostat control enthusiast, our AC is approaching 20 years old and is nearing time to replace it.

    This is an excellent list! Fortunately several don’t apply as my works stocks a ton of food, drinks, coffee, etc. in our kitchen and lets us have at it. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are all on the company’s dime – it’s awesome.

  3. Always, always take advantage of free stuff! 😀 I realized one of my biggest expenses is actually the little things I buy randomly that actually add up in the end, so I’ve also been trying to avoid buying things I don’t actually need, no matter how cheap it sounds like.

  4. I found your site from the guest post at Debtless in Texas.
    This is a great list! I am happy to report I follow all of the above EXCEPT #6. I do have a self-imposed “waiting period” before buying things, but I do find ordering some things online helps me with #8 (less driving around) and also less purchasing in general because I do get tempted in a store (like Target) to buy things I don’t need. I would go into Target for a shower curtain and end up spending over $100. Every time.
    Thanks for sharing!

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