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11 Behaviors you shouldn’t be ashamed of during social distancing and a pandemic

This is probably your first pandemic. It's understandable if you're unsure how to react.
Mar 20·6 min read
Early retirement

What's Your Personal Definition of Retirement?

Your personal definition of retirement says a lot about you.
Mar 11·3 min read
side hustle

How to Use a Side Hustle to Advance Your Career

Have you ever considered the idea that your side hustle could help your career move forward? Here's how.
Mar 9·8 min read
Early retirement

Do You Really Want to Retire Early, or is the Problem Your Boss?

Time for a new job or time to retire early? Think about whether the problem is really with your boss
Feb 24·6 min read
How to Save

The Road to Retiring Early as a Freelancer

The road to retiring early as a freelancer can be bumpy, but we have a road map to help along the way.
Feb 21·5 min read
How to Save

Valentine’s Day 2020: Being thrifty doesn’t make you a cheap date

Regardless of what your budget is, there are ways to invest in your relationship this Valentine’s Day.
Feb 13·5 min read
Financial Freedom

My FIRE Journey: Patrick from the Daily Upside on securing your financial future with the stock market

Patrick, from The Daily Upside, shares his journey from investment banking to FIRE.
Jan 24·4 min read

How to Become an Investor Instead of a Consumer by 'Flipping the Switch'

Move away from chronic consumerism and learn to be an investor by 'flipping the switch' and taking control of your finances.
Jan 24·11 min read
Change Your Life

15 personal finance tweets of 2019 that are helping me achieve my 2020 financial goals

2019 was a year full of FIRE wins. Nobody knows that more than Think Save Retire followers.
Jan 6·2 min read
How to Save

Ultimate extroverts’ guide to avoiding lifestyle creep

Calling all extroverts! Here are seven tips to help you avoid lifestyle creep, over-spending, and FOMO when your friends go all out on plans.
Nov 9, 2019·6 min read
How to Think

How to avoid lifestyle creep when you’re surrounded by rich people

You’re surrounded by rich people, but you want to avoid lifestyle creep. Read about Melissa's childhood among the 1% and what it taught her.
Nov 6, 2019·9 min read
How to Think

This study suggests that you're wasting a ton of home space

We don’t use all the living space we think we need. In fact, additional space can drain your money every month! Read on to learn more...
Nov 5, 2019·8 min read