Yes! I retired at 35.

We are not rich. We are not powerful. In fact, we don't even consider ourselves to be "smart cookies". Instead, we saved. We downsized. We sold both of our homes and moved into an Airstream that we've named Charlie. Early retirement is possible.

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What grade school teaches us about our future

If you like to learn (and since you’re reading this blog, the answer is definitely “YES”), then grade school was where it was at.  It seems like with the passing of each grade, us studious young human beings took the knowledge and experience acquired over the past year and used it to shape the next. We grew, […]

Posted June 23rd, 2017

My #1 RV-buying tip

These damn recreational vehicles (RVs) are getting super popular these days. Especially in the last couple of years, RV ownership has thrived, and those living in these movable homes are getting younger and younger. How do we avoid getting ourselves in over our heads? While it’s great that RVing has become the “in” thing, it […]

Posted June 21st, 2017

Numbers! Tracking the Rockstar Finance Directory

Hey all you number lovers out there! This post is for you. Today, I’m taking a look at the Rockstar Finance Directory that J$ and I built by running some numbers. We’re pullin’ out some intel. Of course, all of these numbers depend on the blogger giving us the straight scoop. We have no reason […]

Posted June 19th, 2017

Financial independence for the non-early retiree

What if I have no plans to retire early? Is financial independence all that important then? In fact, why should I give a damn about this whole FI thing if I love my job and am perfectly okay working into my 60s doing something that brings a smile to my face? Because some day, your job […]

Posted June 15th, 2017

Some will never retire early, and it’s all their fault

Some will never retire early, and it’s all their fault. It’s true. The choices we make and motivations we hold make a profound impact on accomplishing our goals – early retirement or otherwise. I’ll let you know right off the bat that there’s a wheel barrel full of tough love in this post. I know […]

Posted June 12th, 2017

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