Getting Out of Debt

Is Retiring with a Mortgage a Smart Decision?

Is retiring with a mortgage a good idea? Should you pay your house off before you retire? Here's Melissa's take.
Feb 14·4 min read
How to Save

Valentine’s Day 2020: Being thrifty doesn’t make you a cheap date

Regardless of what your budget is, there are ways to invest in your relationship this Valentine’s Day.
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How to Save

Should I buy or lease a car? My thought process to decide.

Wondering whether you should buy a new car? Here's how I decided.
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Financial Planning

The three most basic financial literacy lessons they should teach in school

What is financial literacy, and how do we teach it to our kids to keep them from repeating our mistakes?
Feb 7·4 min read

Travel Workouts Review 2020: The best portable fitness equipment

You don’t need a whole lot to get a good workout in. Some of my favorite equipment needed for travel workouts is affordable AND versatile.
Feb 6·3 min read
Featured Finfluencers

What happens when the FIRE burns out?

The FIRE movement is hitting the end of its first decade, which seems like a perfect time to assess where it might be headed.
Feb 5·1 min read

Email marketing services reviews: Make your newsletters amazing (2020)

Want to make your email marketing shine? You should be using this service...
Jan 31·3 min read
side hustle

My real-life real estate investment story

Patience, sweat-equity, and a little imagination can take you a long way in the world of real estate investing.
Jan 29·6 min read

HubSpot Review (2020): After almost a decade, here’s my personal and professional opinion

You may know HubSpot as a marketing and sales tool for entrepreneurs and businesses, but it’s so much more than that.
Jan 27·5 min read