Yes! I retired at 35.

We are not rich. We are not powerful. We don't consider ourselves to be "smart cookies". Instead, we saved. We downsized. We sold both of our homes and moved into an Airstream that we've named Charlie. Early retirement is possible.

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I’m not looking forward to the recession

Let’s face it: A recession is coming. But then again, a recession is always coming – just like an economic boom – because the market naturally ebbs and flows. Even so, most of us understand that we’re probably rounding third in our current boom. Many of us who love the thought of buying stocks at […]

Posted August 16th, 2017

Ask me anything! All the answers

Last week, I published a post asking for questions about, well, anything. The deal was simple: The floor is open to any appropriate question, and I’ll answer as honestly as I can. Today, I answer them. Ready? Here we go. All questions will be italicized. My answers are provided below each question. Slow Dad asked: […]

Posted August 15th, 2017

The one thing to start doing now to get rich in about a week

Want to get rich, quick? Say, in like a week? Believe it or not, I have the solution! I found it. After years of near expert-level badassery, living my “zen” like a monk in Tibet and diving with the sea turtles in the Galapagos¬†Islands, I’ve found the answer to riches. And gawd, it’s so simple. […]

Posted August 14th, 2017

The Friday Feast ~ the 11th of August

The personal finance community is filled with so many talented writers and inspiring families in search of¬†something better out of life than the¬†traditional society-approved plan of buying lots of stuff and retiring in your 60s if you’re lucky. I am changing things up a bit! Most of you will probably notice that I haven’t been […]

Posted August 11th, 2017

You’re 40 and broke; now what?

Let’s say you’re 40, wake up one more and suddenly realize that you’re practically broke. Hardly any savings. Your career seems never-ending. How can you turn things around and begin rapid wealth accumulation so you aren’t working until the day you die? Brian Loman is here to push you in the right direction. Brian, take […]

Posted August 10th, 2017

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