15 Best Places to Sell Pokemon Cards for Maximum Value

15 Best Places to Sell Pokemon Cards for Maximum Value

15 Best Places to Sell Pokemon Cards for Maximum Value

Believe it or not, the Pokémon cards you once played with in your childhood bedroom might be your ticket to retirement. This isn’t likely, but we’re trying to keep you hopeful here.

15 Best Places to Sell Pokemon Cards for Maximum Value

    Most Pokémon cards are worth a few cents, while incredibly rare cards in mint condition could be worth over $300,000. Whether you have a generic collection or a rare single, it’s worth exploring how much your Pokémon cards are worth.

    The following are our recommendations for the best places to sell Pokémon cards:

    1. eBay
    2. Facebook Groups
    3. Reddit Channels
    4. TCGPlayer
    5. Sell2BBNovelties
    6. Troll and Toad
    7. Card Cavern
    8. CCGCastle
    9. Beckett
    10. Etsy
    11. Local Collectibles Stores
    12. Facebook Marketplace
    13. OfferUp
    14. Mercari
    15. Craigslist

    Best Places to Sell Pokémon Cards Online

    Selling Pokémon cards online might be the best option if your goal is to get the best deal. This allows you to list your cards at your desired price, wait for a buyer, and decline lowball offers. That said, it can be a more involved process in comparison to selling your cards to a local collectibles store.

    1. eBay

    As one of the largest and most popular online selling marketplaces, eBay is a great place to start. With any marketplace, you’ll need to understand the value of your cards to list them at a fair price.

    That said, if you’d rather not spend hours researching the value, you can list your cards as a bulk order. Alternatively, you can allow buyers to bid for your cards and sell to the highest bidder.

    Selling Pokemon Cards online on ebay

    2. Pokémon Facebook Groups

    Facebook groups packed with Pokémon superfans offer a unique opportunity to sell to buyers that know the niche well. Groups like Pokémon Cards Buy/Sell/Trade Worldwide and Pokémon TCG Sell and Trade allow you to list your cards for sale and engage with potential buyers.
    The one downside is that unlike eBay, where all sales go through the platform, Facebook groups don't monitor sales the same way. Transactions take place privately, so you’ll need to watch out for potential scammers.

    Selling Pokemon Cards online on FaceBook

    3. Reddit Channels

    Pokémon lovers flock to Reddit channels like R/PKMNTCGTrades, listing their cards for sale and snatching up cards they’re looking for. Like Pokémon Facebook groups, these channels are niche spaces, allowing you to sell to experts that may value your card more than the average person.

    Like Facebook groups, however, sales take place privately, so you’ll need to keep your eye out for fishy behavior.

    Selling Pokemon Cards online on Redit

    4. TCGPlayer

    TCGPlayer is an online trading card marketplace, buying and selling Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and more. Selling on the platform is a bit more involved than other options. After signing up, you’ll create an online store with a listing for each card you have available. If a buyer purchases one of your cards, you’ll ship it out to them.

    While this isn’t the most passive way to sell Pokémon cards, it may be worth the work if you’re selling valuable cards. Similar marketplaces include:

    5. Beckett:

    Like TCGPlayer, Beckett is an online marketplace that allows you to list your Pokémon cards for sale. When interested buyers visit the site, they’ll see your cards within the search.

    6. Etsy:

    Believe it or not, sellers have turned to Etsy to list their Pokémon cards. While some sellers sell individual cards, others sell in bulk. Regardless, you’ll need to go through the process of setting up an Etsy store, which is quite involved just to sell a card or two. If you’re an avid reseller, however, this might make sense.

    Best Places to Sell Pokémon Cards in Bulk

    If you have a large amount of fairly generic cards that aren’t worth much, selling in bulk to an online reseller is the best option.

    7. Sell2BBNovelties

    Although their rates are lower than competitors, Sell2BBNovelties is one of the simplest ways to get rid of a ton of Pokémon cards quickly. Simply ship them your cards, and they’ll send you money in return.

    8. Troll and Toad

    Troll and Toad allows you to send several Pokémon cards at once in return for a chunk of cash. You can check their rates before shipping your cards to ensure it’s worth it.

    Selling Pokemon Cards online on Troll and Toad

    9. Card Cavern

    If you have a variety of singles — individual Pokémon cards, not full packs — selling them to Card Cavern might be best. While they’re quite picky with what they accept, you’ll get a decent bit for each card you sell.

    10. CCGCastle

    On CCGCastle, you’ll earn a few cents for each card, unless a card is particularly rare. That said, it’s a well-known platform in the Pokémon world with great reviews from customers, so you won’t have to worry about scams.

    Best Places to Sell Pokémon Cards Near You

    If you’d prefer to sell your Pokémon cards for cash, or if the idea of shipping them out somewhere doesn’t sound great, selling locally is possible. Consider the following options to sell your Pokémon cards near you.

    11. Local Collectibles Stores

    If you search “sell Pokémon cards near me” on Google, you’ll likely see a list of collectibles stores near you. These shops purchase and resell collectibles, like valuable trading cards, comic books, coins, and newspapers.

    The process here is simple — walk into the collectibles store, show the salesperson what you’ve got, then decide whether the amount they offer you is worth it. If so, you’ll fork over the cards, and they’ll fork over the cash. If not, you can leave with your cards in tow.

    Selling to a local collectibles store will likely be the fastest way to get rid of your cards. That said, they’re hoping to resell them for a profit, so you might not get maximum value this way.

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    12. Facebook Marketplace

    If you’d prefer to sell your Pokémon cards locally or for cash, listing them on Facebook Marketplace is another great option. Creating a listing is simple — just snap a few photos of the cards, add a title and a short description, then wait to hear from potential buyers.

    Selling Pokemon Cards online on Facebook marketplace

    When an individual is interested, they’ll send you a message to inquire. That said, you’ll need to watch out for scams. Unfortunately, the popularity of Facebook Marketplace has made it a go-to destination for scammers. Keep your wits about you, and use common sense.

    If you’re not finding traction on Facebook Marketplace, consider other selling platforms like:

    13. OfferUp

    14. Mercari

    15. Craigslist

    How to Sell Pokémon Cards for Maximum Value

    Whether you just found some Pokémon cards you didn’t know you had, or if you’re dipping your toes into the world of reselling, the goal is to get as much money as possible for the cards you have. To do this, follow these steps:

    Know the Cards You Have

    Understand the going rate for the card(s) you have. Are they rare or common? Is there any damage to the card? Have you researched the value online? Use tools like Card Mavin’s valuation calculator or TCGPlayer’s Pokémon price guide to assess the value.

    Be Picky But Realistic

    When searching for the best value, you’ll want to be picky about the offers you accept. If you truly believe the card is worth $50, for example, don’t accept an offer for $1.

    That said, be realistic. Most Pokémon cards aren’t worth a ton. Don’t wait around for a 5-cent card to sell for $30 — that time won’t come.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can You Sell Pokémon Cards at Gamestop?

    Unfortunately, Gamestop doesn’t allow you to trade-in Pokémon cards. They only accept tech products like video games, smartphones, and tablets.

    How Do I Find Out How Much My Pokémon Cards are Worth?

    First, start by looking at how much the card is selling for online. Visit marketplaces like TCGPlayer and Card Cavern to check the current list prices for cards in varying conditions.

    Then, depending on the potential value of your card, consider getting the card graded. Grading is a process in which a professional assesses the card’s condition, making note of any defects, misprints, or damage. Grading the card will cost money, so you should only do this when the card seems to be worth a lot.

    That said, the condition of the card is integral in determining its value. Even rare cards will be worth a fraction of their true value if the card is in poor condition.

    Who Grades Pokémon Cards Near Me?

    Local collectibles stores typically offer professional grading services. If the stores local to you don’t, consider sending them off to the Professional Sports Authenticator — the largest card grading service in the world.

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