38 Places to Sell Used Shoes for Cash

38 Places to Sell Used Shoes for Cash

38 Places to Sell Used Shoes for Cash

Whether you’re decluttering your closet or upgrading your footwear, there are a million ways to turn that pile of old shoes into cash. From online marketplaces to in-person resale shops, each has its own benefits to consider before forking over your old kicks.

38 Places to Sell Used Shoes for Cash

    To find the best place to sell used shoes, consider the type of shoe you’re selling, whether you’d prefer to sell online or in-person, and how much you want to make from each pair. Use the following curated list to guide you.

    Where to Sell Shoes for Cash

    If you’re in need of cash, in-person options, like local consignment stores, will be your best bet. In most cases, they’ll offer you cash or store credit in exchange for your shoes.

    1. Buffalo Exchange

    Buffalo Exchange purchases a range of items, including used shoes. Bring your pieces into an in-person location, let the salesperson review your items, then decide which payout option you prefer.

    At Buffalo Exchange, and several similar stores, you’ll receive a higher payout if you accept a store credit as opposed to cash.

    Here are a few places similar to Buffalo Exchange:

    2. Plato’s Closet

    3. Uptown Cheapskate

    4. Local consignment stores near you

    5. Crossroads Trading Company (also lets you sell by mail)

    6. Style Encore (women’s shoes only)

    7. Once Upon a Child (for children’s shoes)

    8. Facebook Marketplace

    While Facebook Marketplace does allow you to sell to a broader audience by providing shipping, you can also sell locally and only accept cash payments. Just make sure to mention this in the listing so buyers know.

    Sell Shoes Near me

    Here are a few platforms similar to Facebook Marketplace:

    9. OfferUp

    10. 5miles

    11. VarageSale

    12. Swappa

    Places to Sell Shoes Online

    If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, listing your shoes online will likely generate the highest payout. Platforms like Poshmark and Curtsy allow you to list the item at a price you deem fair, deny offers if they don’t meet your expectations, and even start bidding wars on items that may be in high-demand.

    Some online marketplaces are also curated specifically for shoes, which can help you earn more for the shoes you list.

    13. Flight Club

    Flight Club is a primarily-online sneaker marketplace, with a few in-person locations in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles. They accept new and lightly worn sneakers, then list them on their marketplace. When the shoes sell, they’ll send your earnings via PayPal or bank transfer.

    There are a few similar platforms to consider as well:

    14. StockX

    15. GOAT

    16. Kixify

    17. Sole Supremacy

    18. Stadium Goods

    19. GotSneakers

    If you’d prefer to skip the hassle of photographing and listing your shoes, consider sending them to GotSneakers, a shoe recycling company. While GotSneakers only accepts sneakers — hence the name — it’s a quick, straightforward process.

    Simply complete the online registration form, package your sneakers, then head to a local FedEx location to ship with a prepaid label. GotSneakers will receive your items, evaluate their condition, then send payment over via e-check.

    While they don’t compensate as highly as other platforms, their compensation structure is clear:

    • Excellent Condition: $7/pair
    • Good Condition: $2/pair
    • Fair Condition: $1/pair

    Here are a few other companies that will buy your shoes to either resell or recycle:

    20. For Days (in exchange for Closet Cash, a currency you can redeem on their website)

    21. H&M (in exchange for a store coupon)

    22. DSW (in exchange for DSW Rewards points)

    23. Kidizen

    While some online marketplaces allow you to sell kids shoes, a curated marketplace specifically for children’s items might get you more cash. For example, Kidizen allows you to list a variety of kids items, ranging from shoes to shirts. It receives great reviews from users as well, and even offers a mobile app for a seamless selling process.

    Sell shoes online

    Here are a few similar websites for selling used kids shoes:

    24. Bagsy

    25. Swoondle Society

    26. Poshmark

    Poshmark is one of the largest marketplaces for selling secondhand fashion. With over 80 million users, you’re sure to get some hits on your listings, and hopefully a sale. You can sell shoes of any brand, style, and condition — just keep in mind, they should be in good enough condition that someone will want to purchase them.

    A few similar selling marketplaces to consider:

    27. Curtsy (for women’s shoes only)

    28. Craigslist

    29. eBay

    30. Mercari

    31. Depop

    32. Vinted

    Make money selling shoes

    Best Ways to Sell Designer Shoes

    For more expensive, designer footwear, you’ll see higher payouts on platforms geared toward designer items. Curated designer platforms authenticate items they receive and have the knowledge to accurately price your item. This is also valuable to buyers — they’d rather have a pair of Gucci shoes authenticated by an expert than a pair someone on eBay says is authentic.

    33. The RealReal

    The RealReal is one of the largest resale platforms that authenticates every item it receives. As a seller, you can ship your designer items to The RealReal then receive a commission once it sells. If you want to predict how much you’ll earn, you can review their commissions guide before giving up your item.

    A few similar platforms include:

    34. Grailed

    35. buyMYheels (for women’s heels only)

    36. Leffot (for men’s leather shoes only)

    37. Vestiaire Collective

    Reselling designer items through a third-party platform can feel defeating, as sellers often receive a sliver of the total sale price. With Vestiaire Collective, however, you’ll receive up to 85% of the sale price, allowing you to take home more cash from the sale.

    Sell Designer shoes

    38. ThredUp

    In theory, you can sell non-designer items via ThredUp. However, their criteria for accepting an item are quite specific, so you might find that non-designer items don’t sell for as high as you’d like. If you opt to send some shoes over to ThredUp, you’ll see the greatest earnings with designer items.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. While selling counterfeit shoes is illegal, selling authentic used shoes is completely legal.

    Where can I sell and buy Gold?

    There lot's of different places where you can do that but not all of them are safe. A great place to learn about gold is Gold Retirement Solutions and a great place to buy and sell is Gold to Cash.

    What is the Best Site to Resell Shoes On?

    It depends on the type of shoe you plan to sell. For women’s shoes, consider Poshmark, Curtsy, or Facebook Marketplace. The best places to sell men’s sneakers are GOAT, StockX, or Sole Supremacy. For designer shoes, Grailed or Vestiaire Collective will be your best bet.

    How Can You Sell Used Shoes Fast?

    The fastest way to sell used shoes is to list them on Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp, but make note in the listing that the price is flexible. This allows potential buyers to put in offers on the item, which tends to lead to a quicker sale.

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