5 Ways to Get Paid for User Testing [$250+ per month]

5 Ways to Get Paid for User Testing [$250+ per month]

5 Ways to Get Paid for User Testing [$250+ per month]

User testing allows companies to receive feedback, and in exchange, they compensate you. It’s a win-win; companies get the insights they need to refine a website or product, and you get to earn extra income.

5 Ways to Get Paid for User Testing [$250+ per month]

    User testing allows companies to receive feedback, and in exchange, they compensate you. It’s a win-win; companies get the insights they need to refine a website or product, and you get to earn extra income.

    On average, tests pay around $5 to $150 per test. While user testing won’t make you rich, it’s a fun and flexible side hustle to pick up.

    How to Get Paid for User Testing

    Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how to get paid for user testing:

    1. Sign Up for Platforms: There are several platforms on the market to choose from. Signing up typically involves creating an account, completing a profile, and a short practice test to demonstrate your skills.
    2. Qualify for Tests: Don't be discouraged if you don't qualify for every test. Platforms use screening questionnaires to match testers with relevant projects. These questionnaires might ask about demographics, online habits, or product experience. The more detail you provide in your profile, the higher your chances of landing tests that align with you.
    3. Provide Feedback: Once you qualify for a test, the platform will provide specific instructions. This could involve recording yourself navigating a website while voicing your thoughts, participating in a live video call with a company representative, or simply answering written surveys.
    4. Get Paid: After completing the test and submitting your feedback, you'll receive payment according to the platform's process. Most platforms use PayPal for payouts, although some offer ACH transfers.

    Pros and Cons of User Testing

    Like any side hustle, user testing comes with its pros and cons:


    • Flexible Schedule: If you qualify for a test, you’ll schedule the session at a time that’s convenient to you. There’s no minimum number of tests you need to complete either, making it a fully flexible side hustle.
    • Accessible: User testing doesn’t require any specific qualifications. You only need a reliable internet connection and a device to run the tests.
    • Variety: Each test is a unique experience. You can provide feedback on websites, apps, games, and physical products.
    • Contributing to Better Products: Your feedback directly impacts the changes made to products on the market.


    • Inconsistent Income: The availability of tests can fluctuate, making it challenging to rely on user testing for a steady income.
    • Limited Earning Potential: While user testing is a solid side hustle, it likely won’t replace your full-time income.
    • Limited Acceptance: Each test requires a screener questionnaire. If your answers don’t qualify you to participate, it simply means you don’t match the company's test demographic or behavior traits.

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    How Much You Can Make with User Testing

    Based on our research, tests range from $5 to $150 per test. Tests with lower earnings tend to be shorter, while higher-paying tests are more involved.

    5 User Testing Platforms to Sign Up For

    Here are the top user testing platforms:

    • UserTesting: Most Reputable User Testing Platform
    • Userlytics: Best for Website and App Testing
    • Dscout: Best for High Earnings and Those Under 16
    • Userbrain: Best for Quick Payment Processing
    • Testing Time: Best for ACH Transfer Withdrawals

    1. UserTesting

    UserTesting is one of the most well-known user testing platforms. After completing a short questionnaire, filling out your profile, and connecting a PayPal account, you’ll complete a practice test.

    The test prompts you to complete a few simple tasks like searching for a local business near you. You’ll speak out loud as you navigate through the tasks, and the recording will be sent to UserTesting for review. This is to verify that you’re human and can participate in tests.

    If approved, you’ll find a list of tests to apply for within your account. Tests range in compensation, although participants report around $10 per 20-minute session.

    Quick Details:

    • Age Requirement: At least 18 years old
    • Average Earnings: $30 per hour
    • Payout Time: 14 days
    • Payout Options: PayPal

    2. Userlytics

    Userlytics specializes in testing for website and mobile app usability. Having worked with companies like Dunkin’, Coca-Cola, and Google, you’ll have the chance to provide feedback to some neat brands.

    While earnings vary, testers reported an average of $33 per hour on Glassdoor. To get started, download the Userlytics app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

    Quick Details:

    • Age Requirement: At least 16 years old
    • Average Earnings: $33 per hour
    • Payout Time: Biweekly
    • Payout Options: PayPal

    3. Dscout

    Participants, called Scouts, participate in “missions,” providing feedback on both products and services. Earnings range from $25 to $150 per mission, with higher-paying missions requiring more feedback.

    If you’re under 18, Dscout is the place for you. While other platforms don’t allow underage participants, Dscout simply requires parental permission to do so. To participate, download the Dscout app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

    Quick Details:

    • Age Requirement: At least 18 years of age; if under 18, you’ll need permission from a parent or guardian
    • Average Earnings: $25 to $150 per mission
    • Payout Time: Within 10 business days of closing the mission
    • Payout Options: PayPal

    4. Userbrain

    Prefer straightforward pay? Userbrain might be your pick. Unlike other platforms, Userbrain pays a flat $5 per test, with each test lasting five to 20 minutes. While you won’t find higher-paying tests here, this still equals around $15 to $60 per hour—not bad.

    To participate, you’ll download their Userbrain Recorder for either Google Chrome, iOS, or Android to participate. This tracks and records the actions you take and the thoughts you verbalize as you participate in tests.

    Quick Details:

    • Age Requirement: At least 18 years of age
    • Average Earnings: $5 per test, with each test being 5 to 20 minutes
    • Payout Time: One week
    • Payout Options: PayPal

    5. TestingTime

    TestingTime offers in-person and online testing opportunities. That said, most in-person opportunities are in Switzerland, where the company is based. You’ll provide feedback on apps, websites, physical products, gadgets, and food.

    In-person tests pay the most—around $60 USD in their example—while online user testing pays a bit less.

    Quick Details:

    • Age Requirement: At least 18 years of age
    • Average Earnings: Around $60 per test
    • Payout Time: 10 business days
    • Payout Options: PayPal and ACH transfer

    How to Maximize Your Earnings as a User Tester

    With its flexibility, accessibility, and potential to make a real difference, user testing is a solid option for those seeking a work-from-home opportunity.

    To maximize your earnings, follow these tips:

    • Sign Up for Multiple Platforms: Signing up with various platforms increases your chances of finding tests.
    • Maintain a Complete Profile: Update your profile regularly to reflect your changing interests and experiences. Platforms use these details to match you with tests, so the more accurate your profile, the better.
    • Deliver High-Quality Feedback: Be clear, concise, and honest in your feedback. The more valuable your insights, the more likely you are to be chosen for future tests.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is user testing and how does it work?

    User testing is a method where individuals provide feedback on websites, apps, or products in exchange for compensation. Typically, testers sign up on platforms, qualify for tests through screening questionnaires, perform the test by following specific instructions, and then provide detailed feedback. Payments are made after the feedback is submitted, usually via PayPal or ACH transfers.

    How much can you earn from user testing?

    Earnings from user testing can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the test and the platform used. On average, tests pay between $5 and $150. However, while user testing can provide a supplementary income, it is not likely to replace a full-time job due to the fluctuating availability of tests.

    What are the requirements to become a user tester?

    Most user testing platforms require testers to have a reliable internet connection and a device capable of performing the tests, such as a computer or smartphone. Testers typically need to be at least 18 years old, though some platforms like Dscout allow younger participants with parental permission.

    What are the pros and cons of user testing as a side hustle?

    Pros: User testing offers a flexible schedule, does not require specific qualifications, provides a variety of testing opportunities, and contributes to the improvement of products.

    Cons: The income from user testing can be inconsistent, the potential to earn is limited, and not all testers qualify for every test, which can limit opportunities.

    How can you maximize your earnings from user testing?

    To maximize earnings from user testing, sign up for multiple platforms to increase the number of tests available to you, keep your profile updated to improve your chances of qualifying for tests, and provide thorough, valuable feedback to enhance your reputation on the platforms. This approach increases the likelihood of being selected for future tests, potentially leading to higher earnings.