6 *Actual* Ways to Make Money with ChatGPT in 2024

6 *Actual* Ways to Make Money with ChatGPT in 2024

6 *Actual* Ways to Make Money with ChatGPT in 2024

To get you started, here are six ways to make money with ChatGPT.

6 *Actual* Ways to Make Money with ChatGPT in 2024

    It’s hard to believe ChatGPT only came out in late 2022. Since its inception, it’s soared to over 180 million users and become one of the most popular AI softwares on the market. But how can you use this powerful platform to make money? There are a million-and-one ways.

    1. Improve Your Resumé

    Let’s start simple. Before launching an entire side hustle, consider how you can increase your income at your current role.

    If you work a traditional 9 to 5, you might be pondering the potential of changing positions. While critics say “job hopping” doesn’t look too hot on a resumé, the data says those that do change positions increase their salary by roughly 10% each time. This is significantly more than the standard 3% to 5% annual raise employers tend to give.

    That said, you won’t land a higher-paying role with an outdated, run-of-the-mill resumé. If you’re unsure how to give that rusty old document the facelift it needs, run it through ChatGPT.

    ChatGPT can proofread and edit your resumé, offer suggestions for more powerful and professional language, strengthen your bullet point statements, and even make keyword suggestions to increase the odds of your resumé making it through applicant tracking systems (ATS).

    2. Freelance Writing ($50k+ per year)

    According to Freelancer.com, creative writing is in demand. While many fear that AI will replace writers entirely, the data shows that companies still value human creativity on their blog squads.

    While AI can assist with writing practice, research, proofreading, and forming outlines, it isn’t a done-for-you copy generator. You’ll still need to make a number of edits for a piece to rank in Google’s algorithm.

    That said, it’s a heck of a tool for expediting the writing process. For example, your process could look something like this by leveraging ChatGPT:

    • Perform keyword research with a software like Keysearch.
    • Ask ChatGPT to create an outline for a blog about that keyword.
    • Ask ChatGPT to provide relevant research on the topic.
    • Write a blog.
    • Paste the blog draft into ChatGPT and ask it for feedback and suggestions on grammar, writing style, passive voice, sentence length, and vocabulary.
    • Make edits based on the feedback.

    Once you’re confident in your skills, apply for freelance writing positions on platforms like Pangea, Contra, and Upwork.

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    3. Freelance Email Copywriting ($1,500+ per email series)

    The writing mentioned above is content writing—copy intended to educate or entertain an audience. Copy that’s designed to sell to or persuade an audience is called copywriting. Both forms are in demand.

    Contrary to popular belief, email isn’t dead. In fact, it’s one of the most profitable, high-converting marketing channels for many brands—even in today’s day and age. Around 88% of email users check their inbox multiple times per day, and around 60% say email is their preferred way to be contacted by brands.

    So what do brands need? Strong email copywriters. While there are several factors that go into whether an email user converts from a marketing email—like whether the product’s good, if there’s a sale, and whether the email is mobile-friendly—the marketing copy is one of the most important factors.

    While we recommend taking a copywriting course or two, once you’ve got the basic principles down, ChatGPT can guide you the rest of the way. ChatGPT can assist with subject line generation, content inspiration, creating different versions for A/B testing, and template creation.

    When it comes to income, you’d be surprised how much email copywriters can make. One talented email copywriter reported charging $1,000 to $1,500 for a seven to 10 email series when she first started out. Now, she charges $4,000 for the same number of emails.

    4. Translate Documents ($28 per hour)

    If you’re bilingual—or multilingual, for that matter—become an online document translator. But wait, doesn’t Google Translate exist? Couldn’t clients just run the documents through ChatGPT themselves and ask it to translate everything?

    While software that translates documents from one language to another exists, they don’t always get it right. These softwares lack the ability to translate certain language—like idiomatic expressions, for example—with complete accuracy.

    For example, the Spanish idiomatic expression “Encontrar a tu media naranja” means “to find your half orange” when translated literally. However, its true meaning is “find your better half,” meaning the person you’d like to spend your life with. As one can imagine, clients often find it simpler to hire a document translator than to mess around with a translation software, especially when they don’t speak one of the languages.

    Rather than translating the initial document line-by-line, run the text through ChatGPT, then make edits for accuracy and clarity. This allows you to quickly translate the bulk of the piece, while adding the human touch needed to capture nuances and idiomatic expressions ChatGPT can’t pick up on.

    You’ll find translation roles on platforms like Upwork. While compensation ranges, document translators in the United States earn an average of $28 per hour.

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    5. Start Your Own Blog ($500 to $2,000 per month)

    If you’re passionate about a specific topic and love writing, consider launching a blog. Yep…just like emails, blogging also isn’t dead.

    According to a report from Wix, bloggers can make anywhere from $500 to $2,000 per month in their first year. One blog, Millennial Money, reports earning $100,000 per year after just two years of building their blog traffic. Sounds pretty sweet, huh?

    While some believe Google won’t rank AI content, Google says otherwise. As long as the content is original, high-quality content that demonstrates E-E-A-T—Google’s framework for expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness—the piece has a shot at ranking.

    This means that you can leverage ChatGPT to write blogs you can publish to your site. This allows you to pump out far more content than you could if you were writing everything from scratch. That said, you should make edits to the generated content to prevent it sounding or reading like AI-written content.

    6. Create UGC Videos ($10k+ per month)

    User-generated content (UGC) refers to forms of content like images and videos created by individuals as opposed to brands. Brands use UGC to promote their products and services on social media, in paid advertising, and other marketing channels like blogs and emails.

    The global UGC market has boomed in the last few years and is only expected to rise. According to one study, it’s expected to expand at an annual growth rate of 29.4% from 2023 to 2030. What does this mean? It’s prime time to dip into the market.

    Most UGC videos show an individual using the product or service they’re promoting. There’s often a script the on-camera talent reads aloud or layers via a voiceover. These scripts typically contain a hook, a description of the key value propositions, and a call-to-action.

    That’s where ChatGPT comes in. One of the most important parts in the process of creating UGC is generating a strong script. If you need some assistance, prompt ChatGPT to come up with hooks, different ways to convey the key value propositions, and various call-to-action options.

    Now, most UGC opportunities will require you to be on camera. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can offer faceless UGC—like product photos and videos—but you likely won’t see as much demand or income.

    You’ll find UGC positions on platforms like Upwork, BrandsMeetCreators, and on X accounts like UGCOpportunity. When it comes to compensation, successful UGC creators report making upwards of $16,000 per month.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Sell Content from ChatGPT?

    The AI that powers ChatGPT leverages existing knowledge and content to create new content. This means that the results ChatGPT generates may include bits and pieces of work that could be protected by copyright law. In most cases, you should be good, given that you’ve created an entirely new piece of content.

    However, you should be incredibly careful about prompting ChatGPT to create something based on another person’s work or concept—like asking it to write a poem in William Shakespeare’s style. This is where you start to dip your toes into the murky water of copyright law.

    Can I Use ChatGPT to Make Money?

    There are hundreds of ways you can make money using ChatGPT. Here are a few ideas beyond what we’ve shared in this article:

    1. Start a faceless Instagram, and use ChatGPT to create content ideas.
    2. Use ChatGPT for idea generation and keyword research when building an Etsy shop.
    3. Become a proofreader and use ChatGPT to find errors in writing quicker.
    4. Write educational newsletters. Grow your newsletter, then monetize it with affiliate marketing and ads.
    5. Use ChatGPT to ghostwrite LinkedIn posts for professionals that don’t have time to work on their LinkedIn strategy themselves.
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