8 life lessons that I will never forget

5 thoughts on “8 life lessons that I will never forget”

  1. Steve, this is a truly outstanding post. Quite possibly the best one I’ve seen you write thus far. Really enjoyed it…it made me think.

  2. I think the points about type-A personalities and people with confidence hit right on the head. I personally am of the mentality of, “this is the best approach I can think of, if you have better ideas, I want to hear them because I don’t want to waste time”

    I have no problems with other people having better ideas than me, I give credit where it is due. It saves everyone time and headaches in the future by not just assuming that your idea is the best.

    1. Thanks Zee. Confidence goes a long way in this world…and when you meet people who have it, it is generally pretty easy to tell. 🙂

      Yup, people have better ideas than me all the time. Once people learn to take the better ideas and ignore the bad ones, they begin succeeding in life where they may once have struggled.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Loved this post!

    I tell people all the time that life really is that hard no matter the endeavor. The problem is most people are willing to pay the price in the short term to receive long term results.

    “A moment of pain is worth suffering for a lifetime of glory” – Louis Zamperini


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