My name is Steve and this is my blog about early retirement.

Steve and Courtney - MauiWell no, not entirely.  This is a blog about financial independence and taking control of your life.  It is my little space online where I can postulate ideas and techniques on how to retire from your 9 to 5 and start to enjoy the virtues that life has to offer.  After all, we weren’t made to work 8 to 10 hours a day for nearly 75% of our lives.

It’s about saying hell no to our finances controlling us, rather than us controlling our finances.  This web site is about shedding the idea that retirement age is beyond 60 and instead ushering in the fresh air that comes from breaking the rules.  Who says you need to retire so late in life?  Why can’t you retire, well, now?

I got started on this path much too late in life.  Through my 20s and early 30s, I was one of the masses – I wanted the nice cars, big houses and expensive “stuff”.  I was resigned to the fact that I’d work until social security kicked in, and then I’d see about escaping the grind.  I made good money, but I only saved the bear minimum.  I spent the rest.

What a horrible life that was.

I am 35 now and retired from full-time work. I finally discovered how to re-think my life.  No longer do I put in long hours at work in the hopes of impressing bosses.  No longer do I want those expensive “things” in life that I always thought provided happiness.  No longer do I “need” the nice car or the cool new gadget.  I finally realized that none of that “stuff” matters.  Not a bit.

Now, when I see a BMW driver on the roads, I think to myself, “Delayed retirement, how sad”.

My investments continue to build even though I’m retired – it’s a fun phenomenon to watch. Along with my wife, we travel full-time in our Airstream – Charlie.

This web site is my opportunity to pay it forward a little…to tell you what I finally learned after 30 years of Americanized living where one’s status in life – often measured by their “stuff”, was first and foremost in our minds.

I learned from my mistakes.  Will you?

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