Live an Above Average life – Email #5: Don't waste your time on perfection

    Live an Above Average Life


    Don't waste time on perfection.

    Welcome to the fifth email in my July "Live an Above Average life" series. In the last email, we talked about how to use debts to your advantage. Today, we're talking about perfection.

    I was never the sharpest knife in the drawer. Or the brightest bulb on the tree.

    I never got straight As in school. In fact, I went to a no-name college, got a relatively easy degree in Information Technology and meandered my way through life never really gunning to be at the top or do everything "right".

    But, I also retired at 35. You don't need to be a straight A student or the smartest person in the room to achieve amazing goals. I am proof positive.

    I may not have had the highest SAT score, but one thing I did have was focus. Focus on the right things...things that actively improved my life.

    I never focused on the idea of "perfection".

    Perfection is unattainable, and the above average person isn't pre-consumed with the idea of being perfect because it's a fool's game. Above average people do not focus on things that cannot be obtained. Or controlled.

    Instead, the above average person focuses on:

    • Things that they CAN achieve, change or improve
    • Smart goals designed to improve their lives
    • Just flat doing the best that they can

    Focus is an amazing tool, but only when we use it to support our lives and goals in healthy and productive ways. Perfection, though, is the opposite.

    Let me tell you why perfection is the enemy of your success.

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