Live an Above Average life - Email #1: Set goals that you won't ignore

Live an Above Average Life


Set goals that you won't ignore.

For the longest time, I sucked at achieving goals. I'd get an idea into my head, set a "goal" to achieve something, then promptly forget or lose interest before moving on to something else.

The problem is the goals that I set sucked. They just sucked. It's because they weren't specific and measurable.

For example, "lose weight" isn't a good goal. Why? Because there's no way to determine when we've achieved that goal. There are too many questions, like:

  • How much weight do I need to lose?
  • How much time do I have to lose it?
  • How long after losing the weight do I need to keep it off?

Way too many questions, and high-quality goals set by above average people don't have follow up questions. They have answers. In this case, "losing weight" is much too general and, therefore, I dropped it because I lost motivation.

Your goals should:

  • Scare you a little bit
  • Push you beyond your comfort zone
  • Be specific enough so you know when you've achieved them

Above average people set high-quality goals that are real and performance-based. Goals that will change their life in quantifiable ways, and goals that are worth the effort it takes to achieve them.

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