Live an Above Average life – Email #8: Try smiling a little

    Live an Above Average Life

    You're done!

    Try smiling a little.

    Welcome to the final email in my July "Live an Above Average life" series. In the last email, we talked about the importance of keeping score. Today, we are finishing up the series by talking about smiling.

    I'm not going to blow smoke up your skirt with pie-in-the-sky platitudes like "you can do it" and "if you believe you can!" nonsense. I'm talking about something much more fundamental than that.

    A smile. It's just a smile.

    My wife, Courtney, smiling on a hike in Valley of Fire State Park, NV

    Above average people tend to be happier people. They take a glass-half-full approach to life and see the world for the opportunities that it offers, not all the strife and trouble that's also out there.

    Let's face it: Not many of us want to be around people who are constantly negative. They drag us down and give us a bad attitude about life.

    And, that's no fun. Above average people don't do that stuff.

    Instead, they smile. Like, genuine smiles, not those fake smiles. They are happy people and look on the bright side of things. And trust me, that's a much easier way to live your life. Adopt this habit and you will be a happier person.

    I leave you with an article I wrote several years ago - but still resonates today. If there's one article that you read on the site, make it this one.

    You'll be glad that you did.

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