After years of resisting, here’s why I’m attending FinCon17

68 thoughts on “After years of resisting, here’s why I’m attending FinCon17”

  1. I look forward to seeing you. That’s exactly why I’m going. I love networking/conferences: the right ones provide tremendous value. And since FinCon is THE one for personal finance, it should be a great value. Let’s grab a beer!

      1. I got handed about 5 drink tickets at the closing party last year. Funny thing is I’m not a fan of wine, and I can’t drink beer, so I’d trade multiple tickets for a hard drink with someone. Win win for everyone!

  2. What!!?? I thought you were only coming to meet me. I’m crushed, but I’ll get over it.

    Glad you decided to come, I look forward to meeting you in Dallas (I know why you’re really coming, after all). My first, as well. Excited to experience it all. See you both soon.

    1. Likewise, Fritz! Unfortunately I can’t blind you with the Airstream because that’s gotta stay back in Arizona this time, but I’ll find another way!

      See you soon!

        1. Hey Raman – technically, we used to live in Arizona. Since we full-time RV now, we’re only back in AZ a couple times a year. Especially in the fall and winter! 🙂

  3. I plan on being there for the first time this year also, plus I’m local so had little choice really. My value equation was skewed a bit more positively as a result. Glad to have the chance to meet you!

  4. I thinks it’s good move to go check it out. You’ll no doubt learn a few things, network, and have some fun socializing and meeting everyone. It will probably give your blog a boost as well. One thing I’ve learned is just being out there in life can lead to new opportunities that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

  5. Honestly I thought it was because you wanted to visit Dallas…..

    Have fun. I will not be there this year, but maybe next….

    1. Nothing against Dallas, but I’ve seen it before. Big city. Kinda like New York, right? (Kidding!). Too bad we’re gonna miss each other this year, but yup, maybe next year!

  6. Steve,
    The cost of the conference is paid for by the relationships and opportunities that arise out of it. It’s an investment in your online endeavors that pays off.

    On top of that, it’s a GOOD time with lots of free beer and food and it isn’t that expensive. And the breakout sessions (many are worth checking out) and all of your conversations will help you frame your priorities for the year ahead. This is my third year and I’m more excited than ever. See you there!

    1. Thanks RBD – I slowly but surely realized that the value of the conference might override the cost to attend. We’ll see. I’m amped to go, and I bet it’ll be a wonderful experience.

      1. I’m pretty skeptical about it Steve. I’ve attended conferences for different industries and they definitely were not worth it from a monetary standpoint. From a social standpoint, well….

        I think part of the appeal is that bloggers are a largely under-socialized group. Put a few of them in a room together and pretty soon you see blog posts about having a “amazing mind-blowing experience”. Free beer probably helps that happen.

        I expect we’ll see similar posts from thinksaveretire! 😀

  7. We just got home from Longmont and the conference with MMM at his new headquarters. It was incredible. And I think FinCon will be just as exciting and worthwhile. I just had one of your readers contact me about helping her make a career decision – so even though some of the networking happens behind the scenes, I’m really psyched about meeting you and all of the other great folks in the community! I think I owe you a beer – or two as well!

    1. One of MY readers? Awesome! Glad you two were able to connect. That’s what makes this community so worthwhile, after all. People helping each other out with our different perspectives! 🙂

  8. I enjoyed my time at FinCon15. I used a bunch of reward point to reduce overall cost. I did learn a lot, but enjoyed connecting with everyone even more. The side conversation were the best. Having lunch with a millionaire at Panera was priceless. Just sold my ticket for this year, too much going at at home to make the trip. Hope to get back in the future.

  9. I was at FinCon last year and, while I have been largely inactive in the blogosphere since then, I still reaped tons of value from the experience that is paying off today. It’s crazy how something can show its value months down the line when you least expect it. Everything in our culture seems to be about instant gratification, so it’s easy to come away empty handed and just think it wasn’t anything great. But here I am a year later, and I’m in touch with a few people I met there who have helped me out in ways I didn’t think would ever happen.

  10. Glad you came around, Steve. Ha. I think you hit the nail on the head with value. I grew my career in the real estate investing world, and there were many events with HORRIBLE value. You know, the late-night-info-take-your-wallet-when-you’re-not-looking types.

    FinCon was a breathe of fresh air because of all the value I’ve experienced. The first year as a newbie it was a lot about learning for me. Last year, the relationships, podcast appearances, and most of all face-to-face friendships were invaluable.

    You’ll make your own call after it’s said and done, but it seems like a good decision to me.

    I look forward to meeting there.

  11. Don’t you know that resistance is futile? 🙂

    I go because it’s fun, and you can develop some good relationships along the way.

    But you forgot one part of the equation, it’s not just about saving money, it’s actually about making a tremendous amount of money if you want. That’s where a lot of value lies.


  12. This will be FinCon #2 for my wife and I, can’t wait to meet you in person Steve!

    The main reason we go is to hang out with a ton of amazing people, many in the FIRE community. We haven’t had a bad experience yet interacting with others on similar paths to our own and we always walk away with new ideas.

  13. I’m going this year, so can’t wait to meet you! And free beer?! How did I not see that there was free beer sooner?! Woohoo to learning things in the comments section!

    I do recall Mrs. SSC telling me, “Wait, we spent how much for you to go to FinCon?!” So, unless I pay for everything next year, it may be my only experience, lol.

    I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing what all the hubbub is about as well.

  14. Dallas is kind is just so-so, haha. I shouldn’t say that since I’m from Texas and was born in Dallas but yeah…

    However, I’m really excited to be going to FinCon17 again! Getting to connect in person with several people was worthwhile. See you there!

  15. See ya there, Steve. I’m glad you finally saw the light. I hate to break it to you though…… you’re probably not going to spend a bunch of time with J. The man has groupies everywhere he goes! But hey that just means you can spend more time with the rest of us 😀

    As for the costs, there are ways to keep it reasonable. We got an AirBnB last year that had a kitchen, so that cut the costs for the few meals that weren’t covered at FinCon. We were also super close and not the hotel so it was the place to be. We’re doing the same thing this year! (which is good, because my bf and my friend’s husband are going to go through so many eggs for breakfast). Also, buying your ticket earlier in the year helps cut the cost.

    1. Lookin’ forward to it! I happened to buy a ticket off of someone who didn’t want there’s, so it ended up being the same price as the early bird for my wife and I even though we bought our tickets about a month ago. 🙂

  16. Follow you on youTube. We retired early (62). Touring part time in our TT now. next year a 6 mo. trip through Canada (we’re Canadians eh and want to see more of here rather than there. LOL

    1. Thanks Jerry! It’s an amazing country out there. We actually want to see Canada one of these years, but we haven’t fully explored the U.S. quite yet either. We’ll be close next year, though – Washington State! 🙂

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