So many balls thrown at my face, and it was fun!

18 thoughts on “So many balls thrown at my face, and it was fun!”

  1. Love it – and the message that goes along with it! And damn…they’ve banned dodgeball in many schools these days. (OK – disclaimer, I was an Assistant Principal for little kids at school and had to make some of those phone calls home when kids would do the intentional head shots…which was a PITA) BUT – dodgeball was always a favorite and my son lives for the after school dodgeball fundraiser each year where they raise a ton of money for different causes. Heading out to do some things that make us happy today – hope you do too!

    1. Banned dodgeball? Really? Man, things have gotten wussified in our schools these days, haven’t they? As a former assistant principle, I’m sure you’ve seen that happen a lot. Thanks for reading!

  2. I’ll add “struck by dodgeball” to the differential diagnosis when someone appears to be having a stroke.

    I’m more of a Curling guy. It’s safer as long as you’re sure-footed. And nobody’s throwing the stones at you, which is a good thing since they weigh 44 pounds. And of course, it is an Olympic sport. Those Russians are crazy good curlers.

    Cheers to weird sports!

  3. Just remember the five “D’s” in dodgeball…

    I love me some dodgeball and I also love me some Erin Brockovich! I’m glad I can enter your “trust-tree” and share my true passions.

  4. Oh man, this gave me terrifying flashbacks to my childhood! As someone who isn’t aggressive in the least, I was a horrible dodgeball player and dreaded gym class when we had to play. Surprisingly, broomball in high school was one of my favorites, even though we had to play outside in the dead of (Minnesota) winter. Maybe it was separating the girls from the boys that made a difference!

    I was on the tennis team throughout middle school and high school, playing doubles. At a match during my senior year, one of our opponents was so close to the net that she was almost touching it. I hit the ball right to her and she wasn’t able to react fast enough so it hit her right in the face! I felt awful (and still do). It was the longest match, watching her play through tears.

    I’ve been hit by plenty of tennis balls during practice but, luckily, never in the face. Can’t believe you’d continue to play dodgeball after taking a hit that made your face go numb!

    1. Hey Kate! Getting smacked in the face is never fun, but in dodgeball, it happens. It was fun nonetheless, something I don’t regret doing. Met some interesting people, too! 🙂

  5. “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!” 🙂

    That sounds like a great time, and like most “adult” sport leagues it sounds like you get the range of “let’s have fun” to “We’ll crush you!!!” types of teams. I think kickball would be another fun sport to get into when there’s more time. Just a great mix of socializing and getting some competitive fun in.

    1. Actually, we also have a kickball league in town, though I never actually played in that one. A co-worker or two did, though, and pretty much said it was a beer league, which a lot of these leagues tend to be. Socialize, complete and drink…doesn’t sound like a bad night to me!

  6. I wish there were a dodgeball league in my area. I played in a charity game last winter and had a blast!

    I was wondering where you were headed with this post, but you, of course, came through with great application.

    1. Thanks for the comment FinanceSuperhero. I know, I head into some strange places with a lot of my writing. If I manage to keep people guessing a bit, I’d say that’s mission accomplished! 🙂

  7. “Do what you’re good at…do what makes you happy”: killer advice neatly wrapped up in a great read.

    The advice is essential in a professional context and, evidently, in social undertakings as well. As the seminal ball-joke movie “Clueless” taught us: If you aren’t comfortable with balls flying at your face, you’re not gonna have much of a social life.

    Many thanks for the laugh. Nice work.

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