We're in Colorado! Feast your eyes on interesting things

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    We're in Colorado! Feast your eyes on interesting things

    We're in Colorado! Feast your eyes on interesting things
    Hey guys - as you probably know from last week's post, we are spending a week in the great state of Colorado. An escape from the brutal summer temperatures of Tucson was quite welcome, and we're pleased to be here. Wonderful times!

    In my absence, I thought that I'd bring you a few links that I've found to be interesting over the past couple of weeks. The most interesting links on the face of the Interwebs? Maaaaaaaybe. These don't necessarily have anything to do with personal finance, so prepare yourselves!

    How greed works against you

    This article from CNN Money talks about how lusting after money increases your chances of losing it.

    "Money lovers are less likely to prioritize saving or contribute to their retirement plans. They tend to buy high and sell low. When surveyed, they answered that they would rather have $1,000 now than wait five years and earn $1,900."

    Read more: http://money.cnn.com/2016/08/16/investing/love-of-money-state-street-survey/index.html

    Things organized neatly

    Nicely organized stuff on a desk!
    Nicely organized stuff on a desk!

    Just as the name implies, this interesting web site contains pictures of things organized, well, neatly. Right, like a bunch of crosses placed meticulously in a grid, or a desk with a bunch of stuff stored nicely on top. It's actually quite interesting!

    Read more: http://thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com

    Why everyone you date is a selfish psycho

    Okay, here's an interesting piece from Mark Manson, one of my favorite authors. And he starts out in classic Manson style: "If every person you end up emotionally involved with is a psycho and finds a way to make your life hell, the only thing they all have in common is you. So start by looking at yourself."

    Read more: https://markmanson.net/psycho

    A boat builder who lives in a 20ft shipping container

    This is one of those tiny living stories, but a tough one to pass up. This dude definitely knows how to pack it into real small spaces, but also live comfortably.

    "Inside, the home is a truly masterful expression of years of Evans experience working on yachts, as well as a furniture maker. Natural timbers with rich tones make it difficult to believe that you are actually standing inside a stark, white, metal box."

    Read more: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/20-ft-shipping-container-home/

    Hilariously impractical contraptions were considered the future

    A...bicycle? Kinda.
    A...bicycle? Kinda.

    Check out some strange and downright weird contraptions that, back in the day, were considered to be the wave of the future. Speaking for the rest of society, I'm eternally grateful that these weren't.

    "On the road to discovering the technologies we now use every day, inventors of the past also had some missed attempts. Some anticipated a space-age future, while others were more whimsical experiments. None of these strange contraptions lasted very long."

    Read more: http://allday.com/post/9628-these-unrealistic-vehicles-were-once-actually-considered-the-way-of-the-future/

    A web site that guesses your age

    Here's a site that attempts to guess your age based on the photo that you upload. Let's just say that it was overly generous with me, pegging my age a good 8 years younger than I actually am. Maybe it's the software just being kind to an old man like me.

    Read more: http://how-old.net

    Does this post make you super bored? There's a solution

    Bored button

    Try out BoredButton.com.  It's a stupid time-waster, but hey, you're bored so it doesn't matter much, right? Give it a try...you know you want to. Go ahead and click the button. Yeah, you. Go, click it.

    Read more: http://www.boredbutton.com

    What other downright interesting or weird sites have you stumbled across in your days working your way around the Internet? Anything worth sharing?