The coolest blogs: Introducing 1500 Days to Freedom

The coolest blogs: Introducing 1500 Days to Freedom

The 1500 Days to Freedom blog is my go-to blog when I'm in a strange mood and need something fun, clever and light-hearted to read.

The coolest blogs: Introducing 1500 Days to Freedom

    This is a blog that's just downright unpretentious, written by a dude from Colorado who goes by the name Mr. 1500 and has a great view on life. He knows how to have fun and keep it real.

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    Next on your list of things to do – check out the blog:

    For example, take a second to read one of Mr. 1500’s latest posts about ping pong and pricing out a Mig-29 fighter jet. It’s no secret that I have a “thing” for fighter jets. I’d give away particularly important parts of my body for a ride in a modern fighter. Ah, having things in common…

    Mr. 1500 has amassed over $1.3m in net worth and a decent size portfolio of investments at a relatively young age, so he also knows how to both earn money and also, perhaps more importantly, retain it. I think his general conversation about personal financial situation is transparent (as far as I can tell) and he isn’t afraid to throw some numbers around.

    Don’t expect purely financial and early retirement content from his blog. Though if is your goal to retire young, I would supplement your reading with additional tips and tricks I provide readers in my blog. Mr.1500 writes more about anything and everything, hence the piece about ping pong. He also does a good job of concocting new words (or find obscure ones!) on the fly. Preterpluparenthetical, anyone?

    Additionally, be has a running 10 Questions feature for other bloggers, which helps spread the love to other financial web sites. I remember submitting my answers to the 1500 Days blog a couple years back when I first started to work on my financial blog. He published it and I got flooded with traffic for a couple days, kick-starting my blog a little bit and driving some visitor engagement.

    Way to go, bro. Great karma.

    You owe it to yourself to check this blog out if you haven’t already. You’re going to need to check your uptightness at the door, cause that stuff ain’t allowed when you make it a specific point to mention that you’ve never been to a Turkish prison. I hear they are pretty hard-core as compared to the kinds of prisons we are used to hearing about at home.

    1500 Days From Today

    To switch gears for a bit, as I like to relate all my articles to topics I find important in personal finance, what does 1500 Days from today look like for you? I know when I try to project myself into the future, I like to give myself numeric-based milestones, i.e. dates, dollar figures, number of investments, etc. to hit while pursuing my scheme for early retirement. Similar to Mr. 1500, I started this kind of future planning exercise for myself back in 2012 and it has proven to be a good way for me to measure whether or not I’m on the path towards financial success.

    For Mr. 1500, the metric he uses in determining his goal for early retirement is 1500 days from the time he started writing his blog. He began contributing to the blog when he was 39 and has allotted himself 1500 days to become financially independent, which ostensibly would allow him to retire by the age of 43 – pretty ambitious, right? So I ask again, what does 1500 Days from today look like for you? By giving yourself a timeline, has your perspective changed on your personal finances? Will you be on the path towards early retirement, or perhaps already be retired?

    1500 Days Podcast

    While Mr. 1500 doesn’t have his own podcast to supplement his awesome blog, he’s been featured on the Financial Independence Podcast in an episode called the “1500 Days Podcast Takeover.” In this piece, Mr. 1500 interviews The Mad Fientist, another talented financial blogger and podcast developer. I highly suggest checking it out  for those of you who are interested in hearing more about becoming financially independent and the genesis of The Mad Fientist’s financial blog and podcast.

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