The coolest blogs: Go Curry Cracker's mastery of numbers

The coolest blogs: Go Curry Cracker's mastery of numbers

The coolest blogs: Go Curry Cracker's mastery of numbers

The coolest blogs: Go Curry Cracker's mastery of numbers
    The thing that I love the most about Go Curry Cracker is his mastery of numbers. I've learned more about the reality of early retirement from Mr. Curry than perhaps any other blog, and his to-the-point writing style keeps me coming back for more.

    And come on, who doesn't like the name? It makes me hungry every time I visit the blog.

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    Check out the blog:

    This guy definitely has the numbers behind early retirement figured out. One of my favorite posts is about taxes - ordinarily a mind-numbingly dull topic, but it suddenly becomes exciting when the thought of not paying them enters the picture. The same post talks about the Roth IRA conversion ladder, which is something that we'll be taking full advantage of!

    Oh, and his 7 Minute Taxes post, too. It takes a special kind of writer to actually make tax day sound interesting (and easy), and Curry does it in fine style.

    The blog is more than just numbers - he is also a jet setter, perpetually living and roaming overseas in places like Thailand and Malaysia, Mexico, all over Europe and Asia. To say that this family simply "travels" is an understatement.

    For instance, check out a Guatemala apartment they rented for $195 a month, complete with a great view, a "chef's kitchen", a bedroom that consists of a couple sleeping bags thrown atop mattresses, and one of those suicide showers.

    The straight dope about international traveling and making the numbers work, Curry style. For this, and so many other reasons, Go Curry Cracker is a pleasure to read, which keeps me coming back for more.

    That, and they are also renters for life, which does my heart good.

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