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This website is more than just writing. In 2018, it's also about education. I teach you about what I know best - blogging and mastering your finances. Care for a knowledge drop?

Listed below is everything that's available - which, at the moment, consists of a single solitary course: How To Start Your Own Money Blog. It's written both for those who aspire to blog about money and also those who already have a blog, but might want to learn a little more about this business.

How Life-Changing Things Happen

This free 3-day email course walks you through the process of how people accomplish amazing goals in their life using a very simple strategy.

Over three days, I break up the process to change your life into easily-digestible and actionable emails that will only take a couple minutes to read but could help you to accomplish some truly remarkable life changes. Sign up for this free course and receive your first email today.

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How To Start Your Own Money Blog

This free 7-day email course will get you up and running with your [new] money blog quickly and easily.

I take you through how to pick and register a name for your blog, find web hosting, build an email list and how to get readers (and keep them coming back). I also talk about the pros and cons of blogging anonymously vs. full disclosure. After all, we're blogging about something as personal as money. It can be a sticky subject! And, I'm here to hopefully cut through the grease.

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