Five things about me I bet you didn't know

Five things about me I bet you didn't know

Five things about me I bet you didn't know

Five things about me I bet you didn't know
    Happy weekend! We are camping in a new campsite out in the middle of the desert for a little change of scenery. It's beautiful and I'm in a good mood, so let's burn a post revealing five things about me that I bet you didn't know, just to have a little fun.
    Selfie of the wife and I at a New York wedding
    Selfie of the wife and I at a New York wedding

    After reading this, I am fully aware that all those awesome and inspiring impressions about me could come to a crashing and fiery end. Judge me not, fair peoples of blogland.  :)

    Alright, here we go:

    1. I have a gigantic sweet tooth - The things that most normal people find too sweet (like pure frosting off the top of a cake), I can gleefully eat with reckless abandon without a second thought, then actively crave more once I am done. This includes those sugary frosting flowers and the hard fondant stuff that provides structure to cakes. I love it. Love it all. I'd dive into a giant warm cauldron of pure frosting and just eat myself silly, sugar crash, then do it all over again. Mmm, frosting.

    2. One of my favorite movies is Erin Brockovich - Most consider this movie to be a "chick flick", but I don't earthly care. It's one of my favorite movies and I'm proud of it. Julia Roberts plays a smart but struggling foul-mouthed single mother who, while working for a law firm, literally stumbles into a scandal involving a power company in the California desert. Through her due diligence, she eventually uncovers the evidence she needs to win millions from the power company, compensating the local people for their medical problems caused by the company and pours much-needed resources into the law firm to expand.

    3. I played for several years in a dodgeball league - This isn't exactly the "normal" sport that you'd find 30-somethings playing in, but for 3 or 4 years I played in a dodgeball league with folks of all ages, from high schoolers to those in their 40s. It was great fun, excellent exercise and different from more traditional softball or basketball leagues that have grown old and familiar to me. I wanted a challenge, and I got it. Some of those dodgeball players are good - real good.  Imagine having a soccer-ball sized rubber ball hurled at you at 50 miles an hour. Now, imagine THREE rubber balls barreling in your direction at 50 MPH, at the same time and from different directions in a coordinated effort to pretty much blow your head off. Invigorating!

    4. I got a serious thing for western movies - I love watching a good western. I like to imagine living in a dusty western town and working an occupation. Would I be a banker? Maybe a glass maker? A woodworker, lawman or a gun fighter? Would I spend evenings playing poker and kicking back shots of tequila, a shiny revolver holstered on my hip, or would I be the dude tending to his family's land and yelling at my kids to go round up the hogs cause a storm's-a-brewin'? Something tells me I wouldn't be a farmer, but who the hell knows for sure. One of my favorite westerns is Unforgiven.

    5. I am a huge gym rat - I don't just go to the gym to be healthy and active. I go because I like the feeling I get while I am there. I've tried working out at home using smaller home gyms, but I just can't do it. I love the gym environment. There is something about being there that motivates me to push it. I go every day, sometimes twice a day if my wife wants to get a workout in after she gets home from work. I usually go mid-morning in that sweet spot between the morning crowd and the "lunch rush". And I get super pissed when I see someone put dumbbells back where they do not belong..."No, 20-pound dumbbells don't belong in the 25 spot!". Reading is fundamental.

    And what the hell, how about some quick and dirty tidbits?

    • My favorite snack is natural peanut butter
    • My favorite color is dark red
    • My favorite television show of all time is Seinfeld
    • I live and breathe college and NFL football
    • I follow the Arizona Cardinals like the Pope follows Catholicism
    • When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a meteorologist (and still kinda do)
    • I have a seriously intense love affair with Mexican food
    • I love the feeling of a hot shower on a cold evening - and naps; love me a nap
    • I have a total man-crush on The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)
    • I used to weigh 240lbs and eat out twice a day; now I'm 195 and eat out twice a month

    What about you? What's something interesting that most of us probably don't know about you?

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