FOOD ~ April 2015

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  1. First off, I am impressed you keep such a detailed budget that you know you got 30 cents in bag credits! We do put most alcohol in more of the ‘allowance category’ for Mr. SSC. I rarely drink – maybe a glass of wine a week or a drink or two if we have company for dinner. Whereas Mr SSC prefers to have beer or wine on a more daily basis. Since there is such a huge difference in our styles – Mr. SSC buys most of the alcohol, and we may put a bottle or two of wine a month on the grocery budget. I would think if you both drink similar amounts just leave it in groceries!

    1. Thanks! Actually, Courtney and I have a fairly similar drinking arrangement. I’ll have a beer/drink almost every night while Courtney will have a couple a week, at most. We will probably start putting more of the alcohol on my tab, which is okay with me. 🙂

  2. Said it here before, but love that you guys buy so much fresh produce. So many money-minded folks buy processed junk to save money, and that’s a surefire way to make sure you won’t outlive your money — because you won’t live that long! Kudos to you for prioritizing your health!

    We tend to put alcohol in the “entertainment” budget, FWIW. But we do include household products in groceries since we tend to make that stuff or buy it from the bulk containers at the grocery store.

    1. Ooo, you put alcohol in entertainment…I like that! Hey Courtney, let’s do that.

      But I completely agree regarding your health. We are going through this process to live the majority of our life happy and out of “work”, but if we’re either unhealthy or battling medical issues along the way, that destroys everything that we’ve worked so hard to achieve. That is also one of the reasons why my wife and I keep around our gym memberships.

      Health first, retirement second.

  3. We spend close to three times that amount each month for groceries (it does include household goods though) for our famil of 4. Since the kids are both under 3, they don’t eat all that much yet. We are trying to reduce it by $200 in May by meal planning and cutting out some chicken/red meat from a few meals. I think by cutting out meat once or twice a week we can save a ton.

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