As you may have seen from the April budget, we stayed on budget this month on groceries. We’re still juicing but I was super strict about what was being bought for the juice. I’d like to liven it back up again here soon but since we were right on budget this month I need to be careful about that.

April was actually a pretty boring month for us food wise. Not a bad thing. We ate some absolutely delicious meals and did it under budget. Perfect.

Anyway, here is where the money went:

— Groceries: $298.23 —

Fruits and Veggies: $145.48

Canned Goods: $43.36 (only 16 cents more than last month)

Vegan ‘Meat’: $12.90

Meat, Seafood and Dairy: $1.12

Dry Goods: $67.77 (time for more coffee)

Alcohol: $27.90

House Supplies: $ We are now accounting for this cost in our household budget.

Minus 30 cents from our bag credits. Gotta love a little extra savings 😉

— Comments —

48% of the budget spent on Fruits and Veggies. Par for the course. Like I said…boring this month. I find it funny we were only 12 cents off from March’s Canned Goods expenses too.

Steve and I are discussing moving alcohol out of the food budget and into our personal fun money. It would give us a little more to spend on juicing etc. and it would mean we really want that alcohol. We haven’t decided yet. Do you have alcohol or other non-essential goods in your grocery budgets or keep it as a personal expense?