FOOD ~ July 2015

FOOD ~ July 2015

FOOD ~ July 2015

We are over again this month.

FOOD ~ July 2015

    We are over again this month. As I mentioned in the July Budget we had to stock up on some necessary staples such as olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and peanut butter. These supplies should last us a few months. So you'll see that reflected in the Canned Goods area below. Otherwise pretty good month and as always delicious!

    Anyway, here is where the money went:

    -- Groceries: $380.81--

    Fruits and Veggies: $169.05

    Canned Goods: $97.20

    Vegan 'Meat': $9.03

    Meat, Seafood and Dairy: $36.01 (Steve's Parmesan cheese)

    Dry Goods: $69.92

    Alcohol: $0.00  moved this into our fun money purchases.

    House Supplies: $ We are now accounting for this cost in our household budget.

    Minus 40 cents from our bag credits. Gotta love a little extra savings ;)


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