As you may have seen from the June budget, we went slightly over this month on food. Not too bad considering the haul of farmer fresh produce we got from the farmers market. So no complaints.

Anyway, here is where the money went:

— Groceries: $309.64–

Fruits and Veggies: $178.78

Canned Goods: $52.55

Vegan ‘Meat’: $15.31

Meat, Seafood and Dairy: $5.56 (much more normal spending here for us than last month)

Dry Goods: $57.79

Alcohol: $0.00  moved this into our fun money purchases.

House Supplies: $ We are now accounting for this cost in our household budget.

Minus 35 cents from our bag credits. Gotta love a little extra savings 😉

— Comments —

Over 50% on fruits and veggies as is the norm. Nothing new which is good 🙂 Settling into a good rhythm it seems.

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