FOOD ~ March 2015

Published April 2, 2015   Posted in How to Think

As you may have seen from the March budget update, we went over budget this month on groceries. Why? All because of JUICE! We started juicing for breakfast again now that the temperatures are climbing here in Arizona and I hadn’t accounted for how much the extra veggies add to our grocery budget each week. Luckily, I saw the trend about halfway through the month and made some adjustments to both our juicing and our meal planning so we were only over by $23.18. veggiesWe will continue juicing in April but I have learned my lesson and will stay in budget this time!

Quick side note: For those who are wondering…JUICING? FOR BREAKFAST? Yup and Yup. We whip up a veggie juice every morning and have that as breakfast. It fills us up enough until lunch and actually makes us feel so much better. Our juice base is typically a head of romaine, multiple big handfuls of spinach, an apple, 4 carrots and a lemon or lime. We then add zucchini, cucumber, beets, ginger (but not too much!), berries or other delicious fruits and veggies depending on what is in the fridge and how the budget it doing. We don’t have to worry about getting all our servings of fruits and veggies in this house.

Anyway, here is where the money went:

— Groceries: $323.18 —

Fruits and Veggies: $216.37

Canned Goods: $43.20

Vegan ‘Meat’: $6.37

Meat, Seafood and Dairy: $7.22

Dry Goods: $19.14

Alcohol: $31.33

House Supplies: $ We are now accounting for this cost in our household budget.

Minus 45 cents from our bag credits. Gotta love a little extra savings 😉

— Comments —

Over $200 on fruits and veggies. That’s 66% of our total. Now that’s what I like to see! Now we will need to decrease this as I get the juicing component of our spending down. We figured out we were spending at least $25 a week on our juices. That’s 1/3 of our budget. Sure, breakfast is one of three meals during the day, but we want to be able to keep eating the gourmet foods we love for dinner (and leftovers for lunch the next day) so this needs to go down. The plan is to not use an entire cucumber in every juice (we spent over $23 on cucumbers alone) and really bulk up on the romaine and spinach which can be bought in bulk cheaper. One nice thing about the juicing is that we never have to worry about our fruits and veggies going bad before we get to them!

Everything else looks fine. The next biggest spending category was canned goods and the biggest expense there was stocking up on olive oil (a necessity in all our cooking). We also bought a big tub of salsa from Costco. We’re going to try to price out how much it would cost to make our own salsa instead. We eat Mexican at least 2 times a week so it is definitely worth it.

So we failed to keep our $300 budget for the first time in this process. It will probably not be the last as our tastes and lives change. Luckily, because of our mastery of the food budget in past months, we are still under budget for our average monthly cost. I plan to keep it that way by being smart in April and making all the food we buy and make count! Stay healthy and full!

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6 responses to “FOOD ~ March 2015”

  1. Mrs. FI says:

    I’ve been debating for a month or so now whether we’ll get a juicer. Mr. FI isn’t really into it like I am currently, so I think we’ll have to wait on getting one. Ever since my juice cleanse that I posted about back in March, I’ve been trying to drink some juice with greens at least a couple times a week but, like you said, while juicing makes you feel better it is rather expensive, too. So I’m hoping spreading the juices out helps to keep our costs down. My cleanse put us over our budget last month as well, and even though we are still under budget for the quarter I didn’t want to push it too much this month! I’m excited to see how you adjust your spending on this so I can keep juicing more regularly and maybe convince Mr. FI to get on board in the future!

    • Yup, the cost of juicing is definitely the major downside. What’s best is if you can actually replace one of your meals with a juice to help defray some of the cost, but really, juicing is probably just one of those healthy lifestyle choices where the additional costs involved just need to be prioritized into your day.

      Congrats on going through a juice cleanse. Around day 3 or 4 it certainly gets tough, but afterwards you sure do feel a lot better.

  2. Hannah says:

    If I spent $217 on fruits and veggies and none of it went to waste, I would consider that a huge win. We’ve definitely made the seasonal shift to more meat and veggies and fewer processed foods and carbs, but it feels so good to be eating something besides sweet potatoes with dinner.

    More power to you on the juicing- If you can stomach it, that’s about the best thing in the world for you.

  3. Love love LOVE that you’re blowing your grocery budget because of healthy fruits and vegetables! We want to pull our hair out when we see so many frugal bloggers show what they’re spending their grocery budget on, and in their efforts to save money, they buy such unhealthy junk. Thank you for setting a good example! Look forward to following along with you.

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