As you may have seen from the May budget, we had a rough month budget wise for groceries. We went way way over though made up for most of it using our fun money accounts. To show the full extent of our overages (due to 4 family visits, hosting book club and a Memorial Day BBQ) I’m showing all the numbers here. *cringe* Thank god for fun money. At least we ate very very well and so did our guests.

Anyway, here is where the money went:

— Groceries: $438.50–

Fruits and Veggies: $218.35

Canned Goods: $51.19

Vegan ‘Meat’: $19.09

Meat, Seafood and Dairy: $65.81 (unusually high for us. You can tell others were involved. Meanwhile I make a mean barbacoa and carnitas)

Dry Goods: $84.26

Alcohol: $0.00 After asking our readers last month about how they budget alcohol we decided to move this into our fun money purchases. None purchased this month but wont affect our food budget anymore regardless.

House Supplies: $ We are now accounting for this cost in our household budget.

Minus 20 cents from our bag credits. Gotta love a little extra savings 😉

— Comments —

Even given our guests we still spent 50% of the budget on Fruits and Veggies. So that’s good. Just lots more food in general which I guess makes sense when feeding lots more people.