The Friday Feast is my attempt at picking out a few things from the personal finance community that I found interesting this week. It’s also a chance for me to keep you fine readers updated on where we are in the U.S.

Here’s what’s up in the personal finance community

Joe over at Retire by 40 is talking about his passive income strategy for 2017.

Check out a letter that The Financial Diet wrote to her boss who, as she most eloquently describes, is cheap as fuck.

Also, Four Pillar Finance helpfully reminds us that we aren’t as important as we think, and why that might be a good thing for our finances.

“Last summer is gone, finito, smell you later.” Thinking Thrifty argues that summer is a financial killer.

Feel like other bloggers are ignoring you, or think that your blog could perform better than it is? Check out My Work From Home Money‘s post about creating a blogger outreach list.

Lastly, what the hell is “non-consumerism”, anyway? The Picky Pinchers dropped some knowledge on the subject this week.

Where are we chillin’ now?

We are chilling next to the Yellowstone River about 30 minutes from the north gate of Yellowstone. Highs, when we got here, were in the mid-80s. Today, we’re hunkered down with temperatures only touching the mid-40s. Lots and lots of snow in the area. Up to 18 inches above 7,000 feet. We are at about 5,200. Charlie might see some snow this weekend!

Upper Falls at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone