The Friday Feast ~ the 1st of April

22 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 1st of April”

  1. Steve,
    Thanks for the mention this week. Glad you enjoyed the travel post. Those are some of my favorite to write. Can’t wait to see that Airstream out on the open road. Gotta scratch the travel itch!

  2. Thanks for sharing our post Steve. Only 9 months to go until your retirement goal. Congrats on getting so close. Let me know if you ever want to swap travel ideas. Love to travel!!

  3. I just found this site and cannot wait to read through all your work. I’ve just recently begun to see the error of my ways and have been taking strides to reach FI. Thanks for serving as an inspiration!
    -The Bus Thinker

  4. It’s such a big day! You guys moving into your new home, Mr. FIRE Station retiring! No big news over here — just keeping on keeping on. 🙂 Looking forward to your post next week on your initial impressions of life in your new rolling home! Good luck with the move!

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