The Friday Feast ~ the 1st of September

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    The Friday Feast ~ the 1st of September

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    The Friday Feast ~ the 1st of September

    Here's what's up in the personal finance community

    Guess what? Tawcan has officially started a coaching service. Good luck, my friend!

    Also, Apathy Ends thinks that budgets suck. Gotta admit - they kinda do even though some of us use them.

    Over at She Picks Up Pennies, Penny asked an interesting question: Should teachers make six figure incomes?

    To which I asked myself: On the same token, what if our politicians all earned what our teachers earn? How different would our country be if our political class wasn't filthy rich? BTW, if you're curious how rich our Top 15 are, check this out. A $2b Governor? I respect wealth when it's earned honestly, by the way.

    Guess who sold their home in two days? And without a realtor? Yup, Make Smarter Decisions. I'd say that was a pretty damn smart decision.

    The SSCs (Slowly Sipping Coffee) were in the midst of some serious rain down south. Check out this tweet from the coffee sippers, who believe that the Just One More Year syndrome is legit:

    Also, J.D. Roth (the Money Boss) offers up an interesting suggestion:

    Lastly, did you notice that I switched out my theme this week? Whatcha think?

    Where are we now?

    We are spending some time around the Teton Mountains with family this week (and next). The Teton mountains are absolutely stunning, I tell you.

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