The Friday Feast ~ the 20th of May

24 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 20th of May”

  1. I loved Adam’s post about the extra mile. It is amazing when you sit back and realize that if you are willing to put more work in, you are doing something that almost no one else does! Absolutely love the picture! Wisconsin has finally moved about 40 degrees so maybe we can better enjoy a sunset now (even though it always looks better with mountains in the background!).

  2. Thanks for including me in the roundup!

    That’s a beautiful shot. Since you are comfortable with tech and photography, you should look into putting your photos up for sale yourself with a symbiostock site so you get to keep all the money unlike microstock.

    1. You’re very welcome, and thanks for the kind words regarding the photo. I’m not familiar with Symbiostock, but I will take a look. Thanks!

  3. I’m curious to see your tiny house article. They are tipping over like crazy around here. Too many folks building their own and not balancing them out and once they take them on the road…..disaster.

    1. Wow! That sounds like some pretty shotty craftsmanship. I wouldn’t build a tiny home so I could transport it, personally. I think RVs are much, much better options if mobility is what you’re after.

  4. I feel like the tiny house movement if it ever gets big enough will come under the direct fire of all the folks with massive mortgages in places like SF and NYC. They have already jacked up rental rates and home prices to sky high levels with draconian zoning codes. If the tiny house movement threatens the value of their properties, they will aim similar firepower at preventing them from being anywhere within 100 miles of their cities.

  5. This might be the best round up yet! Have you read Peak by Anders Ericsson? He talks about how “intentional practice” (ie practice that involves unlearning and relearning over and over again, usually with the aid of a coach) leads to greatness. A lot of the popular information about the Talent Myth comes from his academic research.

    It’s worth a read, especially since you guys are about to have a lot of time to dedicate to intentional practice if you want.

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