The Friday Feast ~ the 24th of February

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  1. Love the floors too! We use vinyl planking in our rental units in the kitchens and bathrooms now. And we’re planning on using it and replacing carpet on the first floor units in all rooms when we need to replace carpets next time around! Not sure what happened to FinanciaLibre either? Looks like all accounts are gone. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Vicki. Yeah, vinyl is a good choice for a relatively inexpensive upgrade that looks very, very nice. Not too tough to lay, either…thankfully! 🙂

  2. It looks great. We did wood plank snap in flooring on our last house. We did an entire floor, about 1000 sq feet. I like the tool you have for shaping the corners. We didn’t have such a tool, man it was a pain. When you look at an area you never expect there could be that many corners. We are planning on doing the basement in our new house. I expect it’ll be my wife’s project as the last one convinced us we do better doing these separately.

    1. Yeah, that little tool we used helped a lot with the general outline, though we found that we needed to cut a little more off than the outline suggested. No biggie, it worked. Wood planks are nice, too. Easy enough to lay and makes a huge difference in the room.

  3. Hey Steve, thanks for the shoutout on my podcast interview with Jessica! GREAT to talk Personal Finance to her strong Millennial audience!!

  4. Awesome job on the floors, Steve. They look great. Also, your boxer is a lot calmer than mine!

    As always, thanks for compiling these posts. I really liked Mr. Tako’s post about always be failing. That’s an area where I struggle at times and have to always remind myself that it’s ok to fail and we usually learn more from our failures.

  5. Frugal Desperado is a new one to me! I really identify with debt making you a different person. Mr. Picky Pincher and I were way more prone to arguments when we were underwater on our debt. Debt is incredibly stressful and many days it was all-consuming. We couldn’t cook a nice dinner because of debt, we couldn’t see a movie because of debt, and we definitely couldn’t take a weekend trip because of debt. These things aren’t necessary to have a good relationship, but they certainly make life more enjoyable without the shadow of debt over everything you do.

    1. Glad that I could introduce you to a newer blog. And I agree, that kind of strife can definitely screw with a relationships. The added stress. It’s not easy!

  6. The floor looks really good. I love how begrudgingly your dog moved his paws out of the way for the tile. I thought that taping for painting was a pain in the butt, but your gadzillion weird corners are much, much worse than that.

    1. Thanks Michael! Honestly, I generally say either “I’m retired” or “I’m a blogger”. The retired bit gets a lot of surprise reactions. It generally depends on what kind of mood I’m in…and whether or not I have the patience to chat for a while at that moment! 🙂

  7. Nice round up here team and great to read that you’ve changed up the airstream. Travelling in style now 😉
    You guys were epic busy with that there and darn those corners :O

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