The Friday Feast ~ the 24th of June

16 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 24th of June”

    1. Hehe, 90 is still warm, but yeah, 116 was pretty brutal. Luckily it was a dry heat, which does make a huge difference. Standing in the shade seemed to cool things off 15 degrees. In the sun, though…phew!

    1. Me too, Fervent, but I do think that there are some gems to be had…but sometimes you really gotta look for them. I find Ferris to be entertaining, too.

  1. Any cool antique stuff in that shack you found? People accumulate stuff and just leave it abandoned, it doesn’t make sense to me. Well thanks for sharing the links Ill hit up a few.

    1. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t look too hard. We were on our way to Sedona and didn’t want to spend much time milling around. Wonder if it’s still there…

  2. Some really interesting posts on this list, thanks for sharing Steve! Looking forward to Monday’s post.

    Just my humble opinion, but the “The 4HWW BS or The Real Deal?” Reddit thread isn’t constructive – at least not the top few comments. There’s no evidence that the most upvoted commenter actually critically evaluated the ideas on their merits – its just wholesale dismissal and misses a ton of important nuance.

    I do feel like Tim makes some of the ideas in the 4HWW seem easier to implement than they actually are, and some of the book felt self-promotional to me.

    On the other hand, I personally know dozens of people who have successfully implemented ideas like batching, the pareto principle, mini-retirements, “muse” businesses (though no one ever calls them that), delegating & outsourcing to VAs, renegotiating work arrangements, geo-arbitrage, a/b testing w/ paid traffic etc. I’ve implemented a lot of these myself – none of them are a magic bullets of course, but they definitely work!

    Maybe it’s easier to just dismiss the whole book as BS than to actually test and evaluate the ideas on their merits, but imho that’s a lot like dismissing the idea of early retirement in your 30s/40s because it sounds unrealistic.

    1. Thanks for reading the Feast, Nate. I generally like Tim Ferris’ books, in fact. His writing style resonates with me, and I agree on your point about nuance. There is much to learn from his books if one is able to look through the glamorization.

      I suppose it’s easier to criticize.

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