The Friday Feast ~ the 26th of February

14 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 26th of February”

  1. Thanks for the mention Steve!

    Your wife’s birthday gift illustrates something really important; that is finding a partner in life who shares your values is critically important and not an easy thing to do. It is that much more difficult for folks like us.

    I’m thankful every single day that my wife doesn’t care that I didn’t get her anything for her birthday. I’m also thankful to not care when she gets me nothing. If I see something that I think she needs or would really enjoy, I buy it for her regardless of the day. Same on her end. The forced gift giving on “special days” just seems so fake now.

    1. That is incredibly true – finding someone who wants financial independence and early retirement as much as I do is a huge, huge factor in making all of this work so well. And I’m the same way – we don’t need the excuse of birthdays to do something nice. Any time that we think it’s necessary, we’ll do those things.

      It’s perfect.

    1. Joshua Tree is absolutely beautiful too. We hope to spend some time there once we hit the road full time for a lot more exploration. Photography to come! 🙂

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