The Friday Feast ~ the 29th of April

18 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 29th of April”

  1. Thanks for the collection. Always a good start to my Friday.

    The Practical Saver post on 401k is for sure a reminder to anyone not contributing to a 401k that they are missing out big time on free money.

    Regarding the SSC post, I think the last fifteen years of dot-com bust, full blown financial crisis and market drawdowns has frightened many away from the actively managed funds approach over to low cost indexing. But you still have to do your homework on those and be able to manage through the inevitable market drops that will come again. Handling that uncertainty doesn’t really change. I know we feel better about managing our own portfolio and educating ourselves has been the key to some of the fears that come from doing it yourself. We control our financial future, not an advisor.

    1. Thanks Mr. PIE – definitely agree, market volatility does give people some angst with investing, especially because people feel like THEY have to be the ones to pick stocks and hope for the best. Using a Targeted Retirement or LifeStrategy fund essentially takes the guessing game out of the equation and relies instead on market averages. While it is managed (and therefore fee-based), some institutions keep those fees very low (like Vanguard), and it enables you to focus on *making money* instead of buying stocks and “free-ballin’ it” in the market.

  2. Thanks for sharing our trip to Canada, Steve! I’m glad I can enjoy your travels and in return share my own with you and your readers!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Thanks for another collection of great articles.

    I really enjoy this series. As someone new to the space, it’s helpful to find blogs that I haven’t read before.

    Btw, I started researching Airstreams the other day after reading more about your story. We are still a long ways off, but it’s good to start planning for the next phase.

    1. Appreciate your comment. Yup, it’s never too early to start, and it also gives you an idea of what you’ll need, from a budgeting perspective, as you get closer to your escape date. All good things!

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