The Friday Feast ~ the 29th of September

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    The Friday Feast ~ the 29th of September

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    The Friday Feast ~ the 29th of September

    The Friday Feast is my attempt at picking out a few things from the personal finance community that I found interesting this week. It's also a chance for me to keep you fine readers updated on where we are in the U.S.

    Here's what's up in the personal finance community

    First, huge congratulations to Mr. ONL (the hubs over at for officially giving notice to his company.

    How did this conversation go? From the ONL newsletter: "The conversation went just about the way you’d expect between two awkward, nerdy white guys. I was nervous, he was stunned, but we soldiered through. My relief on telling him was immediate and visceral, but I could also tell I was letting him down.".

    BTW, the good folks behind Our Next Life, who have blogged anonymously up to this point, are putting together a contest before their reveal. They are giving away a bunch of t-shirts to those with the best or most interesting responses to their survey questions. Where do you think they live?

    Did you hear that Jason Fieber of Mr. Free At 33 (formerly Dividend Mantra) is heading to Thailand to become an expat?

    As an early riser, I still find myself in agreement with Dollar After Dollar who wrote this week: "Please stop telling me I need to wake up early to be successful". Do whatever works for you. If you're a bad ass and you wake up at the crack of noon, keep doing it. Keep doing what works and forget the rest.

    Also, were you aware that the guy behind Wealth Well Done (LINK) spent 10 years in prison after being convicted of reckless homicide? Read this incredible story described through a guest post on Budgets Are Sexy.

    Lastly, are bloggers misunderstood? Kristie from thinks so. Perhaps we bloggers need a more credible place in the world?

    Where are we chillin' now?

    We are heading back down south to spend the fall and winter in the Arizona area (more on this in an upcoming post). What an incredible summer we had traveling through the Pacific Northwest. Beautiful scenery. Amazing hikes. We gotta do this again (in fact, we will - next year!).

    A snowy Yellowstone National Park in September
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