The Friday Feast ~ the 5th of August

14 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 5th of August”

  1. Happy Friday Steve! Thanks for the round-up and so psyched JD is back and writing some great stuff! Your Composting toilet video was AWESOME and the hubby definitely gave it two-thumbs up. Checked out the Airstreamin’ site and vlogs too. Both of you are excellent in the videos (and your dog is cute as anything too!) Definitely followers now as we will be amateur campers next fall if all works out!

  2. Another great Friday Feast! Really enjoyed JD Roth’s article, he hammered home such a powerful message in that short post.Too often retirement projections are based on income instead of spending, and it’s crazy. Enjoy your weekend Steve!

  3. Thank you for putting this list together. Haven’t considered the other options of saving for retirement without a 401k but that’s what I love about reaching early retirement, there’s more than one way to skin a cat!

  4. Great list, Steve! I really like how JD set those financial gurus straight on their retirement advice!

    And, I love the camping pic! Our camping post is coming up in a week, but our photos pale in comparison to yours. Gorgeous!

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