The Friday Feast ~ the 7th of October

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  1. Very interesting video. I hear a lot about tiny house living, but I’ve not read a lot about people’s personal experiences. Sadly even though we are less into acquiring things then my inlaws, I can’t see us fitting with kids into an airstream. I do want to do so on a less permanent more 6 months periods after the kids move on, but I expect we will keep a base of operations somewhere else with our crap/a place for the kids to come for thanksgiving. Hopefully though we’ll find cheap solutions for the transportation and base. How do you have mail delivered if you move around a lot?

    1. It’s true, full-time RVing isn’t for everyone. For us, we don’t have kids aside from our dogs, so we’ll usually travel to a family member’s house for Thanksgiving and other holidays, which is perfect for us. No clean up. 🙂

      There are services that will accept and forward your mail, and provide a “permanent” home address for you. Escapees, for example, is one such place. However, we are using my in-law’s house for our home address for now. Seems to be working fine; they will only give us mail that we’d actually want to see and discard the piles of crap that companies send out these days.

  2. Thanks for the honor, Steve! I put a lot of time into building the attached spreadsheets to help folks build their own bucket strategy for retirement income, I encourage folks to have a look and use the spreadsheet for their own planning! Thx again!

    1. No problem, Fritz! I can definitely tell that you put a lot of work into that post. I can definitely appreciate that, and it’s a great benefit to the personal finance community. Hope that people find your spreadsheets useful!

  3. Steve, I’m glad that you do these types of posts. There’s so many good bloggers out there that you can’t realistically keep track of everybody. I know some people have stopped doing these types of posts for “SEO reasons”.

    Looking forward to next week’s posts as they all sound intriguing.

    1. Thanks TJ. It’s sad that people have stopped doing these kinds of post because they feel it reduces their SEO ranking. Personally, I’m not in this for the fame or fortune, or to have the most well-read blog or whatever. Worrying about that stuff is nonsense. I do it because I enjoy it, and spreading the love around the PF community is just one way that I like to give back to the wonderful bloggers out there who spend so much time writing and maintain their own little empires. 🙂

      1. Steve, To be honest these roundups were what brought me to your blog the first time. As I was first wading into the community about 3 months before I started my own blog, your site served as a jumping off point for me to learn who was out there. As a result your blog is one of the few I read every post, so it obviously serves other purposes beyond SEO. Come for the feast, stay for the other posts.

        1. Wow! I’m truly humbled! Thanks for those incredibly nice words…they truly mean a lot. I’m sincerely thrilled that my words resonate with you. That’s what keeps me coming back to my keyboard every day to write another post.

          Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! 🙂

  4. I’ve fallen for every single one of those money myths listed. In many ways these were just a result of my lack of personal finance education. It’s taken some re-learning, but I’m proud that we’re on track to get out of debt and retire early. 🙂

    1. Me too, Mrs. Picky Pincher. I’ve been as naive as anyone out there about personal finance. But like you, I’m proud to have recovered from all that mess. 🙂

  5. Hi Steve, i also read the article of Scott Alan Turner, we have similar tastes. Btw my personal finance is the Forex 🙂 i’m already waiting for the next Friday and the next Friday feast!!

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