I might be the only person left who has never been to New York City.  This year, we are going to fix that.  Courtney and I are spending the next week in New York to take in the sights and experience a little of the Big Apple, first hand.

The real reason we’re taking the cross country trip is for a family wedding on Long Island.  But after hoofing it out there, we might as well spend some time to see the area.  After all, I’ve never been.

And yes, my camera is definitely coming with me, and you might find a photo-laced post about our adventures in New York after we return over on our exploration blog: FullTimeExplorers.com.  Or, follow us along the way from our Instagram account.  Yay, photography!

Fear not, I’ve got an epic blog series coming your way!

The last thing that I want to do is leave you good people with nothing to read, so I took the time over the last month to craft up a 4-part blog series, called “Our Next Life”, that pretty much puts all our shit out on the table for consideration and ridicule.  Meaning, our plan to quit our jobs and move into our new [very mobile] lifestyle is all detailed to the best of my ability.

Coincidently, the name of the series happens to match the name of one of our favorite blogs, OurNextLife.com.  This is purely coincidental, but also adds a nice little element to this whole thing.

Until our return, enjoy the blog series, and please, don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do.

New York City