The one thing to start doing now to get rich in about a week

34 thoughts on “The one thing to start doing now to get rich in about a week”

  1. I’m crushed. After that clickbait headline, I was salivating. I want to swim with sea turtles. Please, Steve, please?

  2. haha, I honestly wasn’t expecting the lottery punch line, but this is hilarious! Thanks for a bit of humor as I kick off my work week (since I have obviously not done the one thing to make me rich in a week…yet!)

    1. I do have lottery numbers…but they may not actually win you anything. In fact, according to the statistics, you have a 99.9% chance of losing. Still want ’em? πŸ˜‰

  3. Ah marketing! Gotta love it only if it benefits YOU! I have a friend who falls prey to this kind of thinking. She has attended countless seminars and is constantly getting involved in the newest business venture and scheme. She even tried to get me to sell products from a multi-level marketing company. No thanks! It’s tough to face there reality that for 99.9% of humans, hard work and patience is really the only way to accumulate true wealth.

    1. Oh, those multi-level marketing companies…a lot of poor saps out there have spent thousands trying to build their own little empire. It’s hard to believe that people STILL buy into that concept.

  4. Thanks for the reality check. I have been on this journey for 20 years and am almost at 20 years of living expenses stashed away. It takes time and sacrifice. I almost forgot, many years of working as well. Books are helpful and educational, but none provide a one week solution. If that book existed, I surely wasted a lot of time.

  5. Yeap, I got a ticket last week for the Mega millions drawing. Too bad, I didn’t win.
    Working hard and saving is the realistic option.

  6. Hee hee hee. And here I was, thinking you were a sea turtle-riding guru. πŸ˜‰ Yeah, it’s not easy to live a life free of worrying about money. If it were, we’d all be financially independent and our collective debt wouldn’t be the trillions. Sigh.

  7. Seriously! I am constantly flabbergasted by people who sign up for “free” events/seminars designed to scam them into buying courses etc (I wrote about getting an “exclusive invite” to one, here: People who drink the MLM Kool-Aid are awful, too. I have a friend who went so far down the rabbit hole that they would pay ridiculous amounts of money to go to the MLM conferences every year. They’ve since given it up but not before they had sunk thousands of dollars into the scheme.

    Another friend owns a legitimate wedding/event venue and one of her best friends asked to rent the space for a business meeting he wanted to hold with a partner. She gave him a significant discount on the space and on hospitality, spending a lot of her own time helping him work on putting together the perfect event. At the end of it she met with him & his business partner to go over the final details and the business partner turned to her and said, “All this is great! Now all we need is access to all the contact information for your all brides who are getting married so we can invite them to this amazing opportunity for our weight loss product.” My friend was mortified that they had used her this way and has never spoken to that ‘friend’ since.

    Sorry peeps, 9/10 working hard, saving, and investing is the only way you will get rich.

  8. In whiniest voice known to mankind But I want to be rich right now. And have muscles, and actually be able to do a pull up (but I don’t want to exercise everyday). And I want to be able to draw or play an instrument (but I can’t possibly practice everyday, somebody as to binge watch all those shows).

    If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

  9. Haha! Funny one Steve!

    I’ve always said that the only difference between a rich person and a poor person is the “mental models” in your head. Sure, luck can be a factor, but over a long enough time period, it all boils down to a having a few of the right ideas in your head.

    Most of those ideas aren’t secrets either.

    1. Totally true, Mr. Tako. Life is all in your head. Your perspective. The great majority of us possess the power to change what’s going on in our heads…if we want to bad enough.

  10. LOL! Nicely done Steve. On my way to buy Powerball tix right now (not really). I do feel richer though, having been entertained by your post.

    I tell people all the time that money is incredibly easy to make, but devilishly hard to hold on to. Those are the details wherein the Devil lies.

    1. Thanks Oldster! And well said – money is easy to make. Our retirement hinges on our ability to keep it. Most of us CAN, but not many of us actually DO.

  11. This is how I feel about Tim Ferriss’s books. Lots of promises but only few nuggets you might realistically apply. Plus, who’s gonna go along with that outsourcing advice, right??? Maybe you could argue that reading “Early Retirement Extreme” over the course of a week puts you on a path to riches. I dunno…
    Nice post, Steve!

    1. You mean the virtual assistant stuff? Yeah, I think his advice is practical for some, but probably less so for others. It’s a fun read, though. Thanks for your comment.

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