The one thing to start doing now to get rich in about a week

The one thing to start doing now to get rich in about a week

The one thing to start doing now to get rich in about a week

The one thing to start doing now to get rich in about a week

    Because I'm such a nice guy, I'm going to give it all away right here on this strange little blog. No book or pamphlet to download. No email address to fork over. No newsletter to read.

    Nope, you get the straight skinny right here, right now. On Sunday.

    The one thing to start doing now to get rich in a week

    The one thing to start doing now to get rich in a week is: Stop being an idiot and believing that people get rich in a week.

    "But people say it's true, Steve!"

    True, they do. But, are they also trying to sell you that secret? Are they grabbing at your money while promising a stupidly easy way to, in the words of George Costanza in Seinfeld, "fall ass-backwards in the money"?

    Consider this: If riches were THAT easy to come by, wouldn't everybody be rich?

    Okay, maybe some people just don't know about the secret to quick and dirty riches. Maybe they haven't been privy to the "Only book you'll ever need to get rich quick". Alright, I got ya. Maybe that's true. They just don't yet know about this insanely easy secret to wealth. Poor saps.

    Hey Kermit, is there an easy way to get rich in a week?

    Now, also consider this: If there truly was a secret to getting rich, why would anyone be stupid enough to sell it for $14.99 a book?

    Why wouldn't that fortunate person keep that secret to themselves, acquire untold millions and retire to a tropical island that basks in the gentle sunlight in the Pacific?

    Perhaps in the Galapagos Island, where you can dive with the sea turtles.

    Why would they write a lousy book and sell their soul in search of their next buyer with such a powerful, wealth-building secret?

    It's because they aren't selling you a secret. They are selling a product.

    The truth is people who sell their secret for $14.99 a pop don't have a secret. They have a business plan disguised as something meaningful, tugging at the heartstrings of so many people who would rather reap incredible rewards with almost no effort. Something for nothing.

    They want to win a marathon without the hours of training. They want the promotion without putting in the extra time in the office. They want to lose 30 pounds without changing up their eating habits.

    The world doesn't work like that, and rightfully so. If it did, we'd all be filthy rich, skinny, perfect specimens worthy of attracting the prince or princess at the ball. And, we'd have absolutely nothing to work - or live - for.

    I could sit here and tell you that riches come to those who are truly motivated. Those who work smart and make wise decisions. Those who live sensible lifestyles and resist the temptation to ignore what truly makes them happy. Yada yada.

    If you're reading this blog, you probably already know that. If you're new, start here. I promise you won't be disappointed.

    Okay, I can't really promise that. Who knows what makes you disappointed. Here: I hope you won't be disappointed. There. :)

    Okay, but how do you get rich in a week?

    I promise this article wasn't a bait-and-switch. I told you that you need to do one thing to get rich in a week, and you know what? I'm going to tell you. Yup, there is an answer. There is a way, and it's actually one of the hardest to achieve, yet simplest things to do that exists in our world.

    It is so simple that anyone can do it. In fact, people have done it. Many of them. It's just sitting there ripe for the taking.

    How do you get rich in a week? Win the lottery.

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