What happened to our net worth reports?

11 thoughts on “What happened to our net worth reports?”

  1. It seems to me you have reached to the desired mental state of retirement- less thinking or worrying about money. Its just a matter of time you will reach to the goal and that’s it. Then you will may not need to update anymore. Good situation.

  2. Nicely done being so close to your mysterious number! 😀

    Good call on the net worth posts, too, sounds like! I’ve been debating writing some, and might still yet, but more like every year.

  3. I always thought those sorts of posts were the most viewed for people because people love stalking that stuff. It’s interesting that this wasn’t the case for you. It must be an amazing feeling to be that close to the finish line though. Congrats on the amazing accomplishment.

  4. For years I wrote monthly net worth updates for myself in addition to the blog ones. Sometime last year, I switched to quarterly personal ones and I stopped doing blog ones entirely. It just doesn’t seem necessary anymore and now that I’m married, I’m definitely done with blog ones. Our combined net worth is over $1M as of now, but we live in a higher cost of living area than you two do. We need to figure out what combined finances look like exactly.

  5. I am thinking about doing the Net Worth just once or twice a year. Really that is all we look at it in real life. Our monthly spending is a lot of work, but it’s good for me to really have a chance to look over those numbers (at least for now.) Plus it a bit more personal. Although I have considered doing it every other month as a larger overview.

    I’m glad to hear you have a leave date! So I should expect you in Montana next summer? =)

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