If you have been with us long enough, you probably realize that we’ve stopped updating our net worth publicly on the website. After several emails asking where these updates went, I felt a weekend blog post was probably in order. So, here goes!

For the record, we haven’t taken down our old net worth posts, so you’re still welcome to peruse those at your leisure.

We stopped updating our net worth and budget numbers here on the blog because they were, by far, our most labor-intensive posts to make. But more importantly, they also tended to be our least popular articles. And, as we learned from the Pareto Principle, happiness in life revolves around focusing in on the 20% of our life that makes 80% of the difference.

Unfortunately, the monthly budget blog posts didn’t make the cut.

Our net worth is publishing soon!

However, I’ve spoken with the wife and we’ve decided to publish our net worth number on the day that we officially set sail after quitting our jobs, which at the moment is scheduled for mid-February of next year. Frankly, the number should come as no real surprise. I’ve hinted already that it’ll be below a million, but not by much.

We feel that publishing our number the day that we make our new lifestyle “official” is appropriate. It keeps us honest along the way. It’s the initial proof that early retirement can work even if you don’t have a million bucks. And for anyone else who might have similar dreams, it provides much-needed context into how we’re making it all happen.

It’s also nice that Personal Capital makes this process insanely easy.

Here’s our 90-day net worth chart straight from our Personal Capital dashboard. Quite frankly, the goal number is completely arbitrary but represents a reasonably conservative estimate of what we’d like to start out with at retirement. Edits were made to remove the numbers, of course.  🙂

Personal Capital net worth chart and our goal
Personal Capital net worth chart and our goal