Okay world, you’re pretty damn amazing. We go driving around in search of some cool scenes, and now you give us some of the most amazing landscapes that I’ve ever seen to feast our eyes on. What more can I say? In fact, I don’t say. Instead, I’ll show.

It was a cloudy day today in eastern Nevada, but perfect for hiking through stunning red rock formations that almost look unreal. The clouds added an extra element of depth to our adventure, and my camera was never actually on my side for more than just a few minutes the entire morning. Everywhere I turned, another scene needed to be captured!

If you ever find yourself in the Las Vegas area, do yourself a favor and visit Valley of Fire State Park. It’s $10/day/car, so it isn’t especially cheap. But whatever – we’re out in the middle of nowhere and paying nothing (other than our taxes) for the land that we’re calling home at the moment. So, we got some cash to spare.

Also, let me know in the comments what you guys think of these on the fly stream of consciousnessΒ photo posts.

What we saw this morning in Valley of Fire State Park

The entrance sign at Valley of Fire State Park
The wife at Valley of Fire State Park
The road!
Prickly Pear wildflowers
Jagged edges, much?
Endless red rocks and amazing landscapes
Red rocks and some yellow wildflowers
Huge red rocks
The Fire Wave rock