Hitting Valley Of Fire in Nevada – holy guacamole!

Published April 7, 2017   Posted in How to Think

Okay world, you’re pretty damn amazing. We go driving around in search of some cool scenes, and now you give us some of the most amazing landscapes that I’ve ever seen to feast our eyes on. What more can I say? In fact, I don’t say. Instead, I’ll show.

It was a cloudy day today in eastern Nevada, but perfect for hiking through stunning red rock formations that almost look unreal. The clouds added an extra element of depth to our adventure, and my camera was never actually on my side for more than just a few minutes the entire morning. Everywhere I turned, another scene needed to be captured!

If you ever find yourself in the Las Vegas area, do yourself a favor and visit Valley of Fire State Park. It’s $10/day/car, so it isn’t especially cheap. But whatever – we’re out in the middle of nowhere and paying nothing (other than our taxes) for the land that we’re calling home at the moment. So, we got some cash to spare.

Also, let me know in the comments what you guys think of these on the fly stream of consciousnessΒ photo posts.

What we saw this morning in Valley of Fire State Park

The entrance sign at Valley of Fire State Park

The wife at Valley of Fire State Park

The road!

Prickly Pear wildflowers

Jagged edges, much?

Endless red rocks and amazing landscapes

Red rocks and some yellow wildflowers

Huge red rocks

The Fire Wave rock

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36 responses to “Hitting Valley Of Fire in Nevada – holy guacamole!”

  1. Miss Mazuma says:

    Gorgeous!! When you posted the first tweet I was going to say the clouds added a perfect element to the background…I see now you felt the same! Even when it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows the silver linings still exist. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your time there!

    • Steve says:

      Thanks! The clouds were definitely appreciated, both from a photography and a comfort perspective out there on the trails. We’re going out again today…mix of clouds and sun. Might make for even better photography. πŸ™‚

  2. Semira says:

    Love it! I’m all for stream of consciousness photo posts. Valley of Fire wasn’t on my list, but it is NOW! Gorgeous. Enjoy!

  3. Professor says:

    Beautiful pics! Spent my earliest days in AZ . . . family moved back east and it’s odd how much I still consider that landscape home.

  4. Adam says:

    Some great pics. I love the light on days like that. Seems to make the colours pop out more than on a sunny day. Keep the photo posts coming πŸ™‚

  5. Amazing pics Steve! And love them here. It shows the real beauty of your retirement!

  6. These are amazing pics Steve. My favorite pic by far is The Fire Wave rock. Such a cool pic!!!

  7. Man, who knows, you might be able to tack on a couple $100k to your net worth from selling these pictures online… πŸ˜‰

  8. Those are awesome pictures – thanks for sharing your journey!

  9. Caren says:

    Awesome pictures! Did you use a grownup camera to take those?

  10. Those are some sweet pictures. Want to take a road trip through Nevada now.


  11. katrun27 says:

    Oh, so incredible! The U.S. has some amazing sights to enjoy! Thanks for sharing; we’ll add this to our travel list for sure!

  12. Stunning and ten dollars is quite cheap. It looks like the weather really helped the pics as well.

  13. Heather M says:

    Stunning photos. Love the wave rock. Never seen something like that.

  14. Lynx says:

    Great pictures. This is the second encounter I have had in less than a month talking about hiking in Nevada. This seems like a sign πŸ™‚ maybe I should add it to my list. Looks like you are both having great time.

  15. Norwegian guy says:

    Rented a convertible last time i was in Vegas and took the drive thru the very same park. Beautifull landscape! I will repeat the trip next time i am in the area πŸ˜€

    Great pics btw. Keep them coming.

    Norwegian guy

  16. Mr. Tako says:

    If a picture is worth a thousand words Steve, then you just wrote 9,000 words…. and very pretty words they are too!

    I have some serious camera jealousy going on right now for your a6000. Post like this only make it worse!

    • Steve says:

      Thanks Mr. Tako! The A6000 is a nice little camera, but remember – it’s the photographer, not the camera. πŸ˜‰

      And you can pick up an A6000 used for pretty cheap these days. The A6500 is its most recently follow-on version, by the way.

  17. Incredible! Awesome! WOW! Gorgeous! Love these photos! Keep ’em coming!

  18. Awesome pics! I need to visit that part of the country. Haven’t been there since I was a young boy.

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